4 Indispensable Lessons I’m Learning Right Now

Sometimes writing about hair and beauty can feel so trivial in light of everything happening in the world around us… Because of that, I cannot tell you how excited I have been to share with you the 4 indispensable lessons I am learning right now in my own personal journey.

Let’s chat about something a little more important than what we see in the mirror, shall we?

  1. I am in control of nothing other than my own attitude

As much as I, as an enneagram 3, who is also an avid planner, would like to believe that I have some form of control over what happens tomorrow, I don’t.

Sometimes it takes a pandemic to get our attention. And that’s exactly what I needed to show me that I cannot and should not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

Not only do I need to wake up and intentionally choose joy every day no matter what circumstances may present themselves, I also need to focus on nothing but the here and now, holding my plans loosely.

It is when we get our hopes up that we get ourselves stuck in a negative rut of self-pity.

But when we walk into each day, hands and arms open wide saying “God, I trust your plans for me today”, we will have the strength to face every circumstance with a positive attitude.

2. Life is so much more then work

Likely, the most vivid (and fond) memory I will have from 2020 looking back will be when lockdown was in full effect and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, was outside walking, enjoying family and nature.

It is far too easy to get caught up in and find our identity in work and our accomplishments. Again, you are talking to an enneagram 3… This is a very real issue for me if I let it be.

Because of peer pressure and the standards of this world, it’s easy to find ourselves working overtime. By overtime, I mean more hours then we need to spend in the “office”, constantly thinking about work and what’s coming up, and even not knowing what to do with our time without work.

But when your identity is found in something as temporary and superficial as work achievements and it suddenly gets stripped away, what do you do?

You begin to identify and prioritize things and people that truly give you lasting purpose and set your mind on THOSE things. Because when all is said and done, our impact is what means the most.

3. Do not believe everything you hear

I used to be pretty naïve to what was happening in the world around me. And while I do view that season of naivety as “stress-free” and simple, it can come at a cost when you are not educated.

What do I mean by this?

You turn on the news and you freak out. You listen to those around you, who are full of fear and anxiety, and you allow it to control your own headspace and emotions.

However, if I educate myself on what is actually happening, I am able to discern what is true versus what is simply “said” and “projected” causing me to live in a state of fear, frustration, and overwhelm.

Not everyone can be trusted today because most of us like to live off of our emotions, which by the way are not always accurate of what’s really happening.

If we educate ourselves, then we are able to discern what is important to dedicate headspace to and what we need to simply let go of. It is then that we will be able to live in a state of peace and trust.

For me, when I educate myself, I become aware of what is really happening in the world around me, but then I choose to focus on God who is in absolute control of everything and is good and faithful to give us all we need to endure.

4. Enjoy the simplicity of nature and those around us

When everything was taken from us, shops were closed down, restaurant were shut, we had to learn a new way of living.

Instead of the quick satisfaction of a distraction like shopping, we were forced to find other ways to stay busy and enjoy ourselves.

For me that looked like more walks in nature and spending more quality time with my husband.

Additionally, being forced to be away from my family, who is south of the border, it made me realize how important it is to appreciate the time we have with those we love.

We hear it all of the time, but it is true, we never know when the day will come where that is taken from us.

Enjoy those around you and never stop taking advantage of the creation we have been blessed by God with, that is designed to revive, teach, and heal us.

Now I encourage you to ask yourself what indispensable lessons have you been learning lately? Being self-aware in crazy times like these is crucial for growth and finding joy.

Until next time,



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