5 Beauty Products On My Wish List

Working in the beauty industry presents a serious challenge when it comes to having self control with buying new products. So, a wish list is necessary.

There are many products on my list and I wanted to share 5 of them with you that are next on my list to buy.

If I didn’t hear about and see all the popular products that are out there on the daily, I would be overwhelmed on where to start, so hopefully this brings some direction to your hunt.

The products I am sharing with you are products that have been recommended and/or raved about by other beauty professionals and influencers. So even though they are products I have not tried myself, I am confident they would make great additions to our beauty routines.

  1. Bumble & Bumble Texture Spray

This brand is well known and highly recommended in the hair industry! Their products are not only quality, but they are safe and effective.

This texture spray is designed to provide movable lift and volume to the hair. It is meant to be sprayed in fine to medium hair that has a natural curl/wave to it, or, if you are someone like me and you curl your hair regularly.

It works to separate the hair strands and provide just enough hold to add natural textured volume to your style.

It is also paraben free which is great for the health of your hair!

I am a gal who appreciates natural volume, so I am always on the hunt for some good texture sprays! This is my next pick.

2. T3 1 Inch Curling Iron

The really awesome part about this curling iron is that it has interchangeable heads. There are heads that come in different sizes and shapes and are easy to switch depending on your desired curl.

Ultimately, we all want to save space, and this prevents you from needing 10 different hot tools. You can just have one base and purchase whichever curling iron heads you so desire.

The other awesome aspect of this T3 iron is it has what they call the “T3 Singlepass Technology” which ensures it heats up fast, and evenly distributes the heat throughout the whole iron so that you get quick and effective curls.

This technology also helps to tame frizz and provide a smooth, even finish.

The curling iron I have at this time is wonderful. It works great and provides what I need. But as soon as it is a goner, I will be upgrading to this T3 Iron for sure.

3. Drybar Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush

This tool is definitely one I have been wanting to try out for so long.

The two reasons why I would love to try this tool is 1) I would love to be able to blow dry my hair smooth and leave it for a day before curling it and 2) I cannot for the life of me round brush my own hair, so using a tool that is a blow dryer and a round brush in one would be magical.

If you relate to any of the above, I totally recommend putting this one on your Christmas wishlist!

I have seen many beauty influencers use it and love it!

I would definitely let my hair mostly air dry before using it otherwise I would be there forever. But I can definitely see this tool being one that becomes my favorite

I can’t wait to try it.

4. NeuLASH Enhancing Serum

Okay, who doesn’t want naturally longer eye lashes?!

This serum is designed to help your lashes appear fuller, conditioned, and “lustrous”.

I had eyelash extensions put on at one point and for me personally, it wasn’t a fit. I like to be able to wipe my makeup off and have a natural look. But I would also like to have a little bit of help when it comes time to put mascara on to have long and full looking lashes.

That’s why I want to try this serum. It is also created with ingredients that are totally safe for around the eyes, so I don’t have to worry about damage.

5. NeuBROW Enhancing Serum

Similar to the NeuLASH Serum, this brow serum is created to help make your brows look fuller and shinier.

For years and years I waxed my eyebrows so thin that at this point, they need a little help growing out.

I would love to get microblading done, but I would ultimately like to try a more natural way to fuller looking eyebrows beforehand.

I have heard great reviews of this product from other beauty influencers which has inspired me to want to try it myself.

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