5 Hacks For Your Morning Routine

As time has gone on, I have established 5 key habits, otherwise known as hacks, to create a more efficient morning routine.

I find a lot of people say they “don’t have time” for a morning routine so they just don’t do it.

The truth of the matter is we have to make time.

Life is busy. We are constantly on the go. But this is exactly why having a morning routine is going to benefit you. It will allow you to set the tone for your day, in a balanced way.

So I am going to share with you 5 hacks that will allow you to be more efficient in the morning so that you can be consistent and reap the benefits.

1. Time out your morning moving backwards from when you need to leave the house

This hack has saved me many times from being late and/or leaving the house feeling like I didn’t complete something.

First, I identify what time I need to leave the house and then I count backwards from there. This allows me to see when I need to wake up in order to accomplish the tasks that I want to get done.


Leaving time: 9:30AM

Wakeup: 5:30 AM

Brush teeth, get dressed, exercise: 5:30-7:30

Read and enjoy my coffee: 7:30-8

Eat breakfast: 8-8:30

Clean up and shower/get ready: 8:30-9:20

Gather my stuff and go: 9:20-9:30

Now before you call me crazy, I will say that because I have realized how much a morning routine helps set the tone for my day, I have intentionally scheduled enough time for myself to not be in a rush.

Additionally, I stick faithfully to this schedule because it works for me.

I could probably accomplish all of these tasks in about 2 hours but I choose not to because I do not like to be rushed. I would rather wake up earlier.

But you see how planning your morning on a time schedule will allow you to accomplish all the things that are important to you without feeling as though you have unfinished business at home.

Now, I understand not everyone functions well on a strict, consistent schedule. Yours does not have to look like mine, keep that in mind. Nor does it have to be as strict.

The point of sharing this with you, is to show you how you can begin creating a consistency in your life that is intentional, to take care of yourself.

2. Set your work or workout clothes out the night before

Whatever activity comes first for you, whether that be working out or just leaving for work, set those clothes out the night before.

I am able to get out of bed and not have to think or waste time getting the clothes I need from all different places. I set them out the night before so I can grab and go.

If your first destination is work, you will benefit from choosing an outfit the night before and setting it out ready to go.

This will save wasted time standing like a deer in the headlights in front of your closet unsure of what you want to put on for the day.

3. If you wash your hair in the morning, wash it before you begin your other routine activities

Most often, blow-drying our hair takes a frustrating amount of time. (Truth be told, it is the very act that makes me never want to wash my hair)

But I have found a simple, yet crazy efficient hack that will benefit you on these days… Wash your hair before you begin your other activities such as reading, preparing food, cleaning, organizing, at home work, etc so that your hair will dry at least 85% before you have to blow-dry it.

This will shave some time off of that piece of your morning. Not to mention, it is better for your hair (less heat).

The point of these hacks is to open your eyes to how you can use your time efficiently so you don’t have to wake up outrageously early to stay committed.

4. Create a plan the night before

Even for someone like me who is Type A and pretty well on top of things, I need a plan.

If I don’t have a plan, I feel a little overwhelmed and out of control in the morning because I am constantly trying to think “what time do I need to leave again?” “what is that urgent thing I needed to get done this morning?”.

Avoid getting to that point of overwhelm by planning out your morning the night before.

Ask yourself, “what needs to get done tomorrow?” , “how am I feeling right now emotionally and mentally and what can I add in or take away from my morning routine tomorrow to take care of myself first?”

5. Stick to the plan

This step is just as, if not more important than, step 4 because there is no point to having a plan and not sticking to it.

Get into a routine in your life where when you commit to something, you fully commit.

If you aren’t in the headspace to wake up to a routine, don’t make a plan. Give yourself a break! I would encourage that over making a plan and then not following through. This will just create an inconsistency in your life setting you right back to where you were before having the routine in the first place.

Check in with yourself the night before and truly ask yourself what you need to begin a fresh start and take care of your mental and physical health.

As with anything else in life, trying new things and creating new habits is always an adjustment, so give yourself grace as you begin having a morning routine.

This has been one of the best investments into myself, that I have ever pursued or committed to.

Until next time,



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