6 Must Have Kitchen Items For Sourdough Baking

I have gathered the top 6 kitchen items that I highly recommend you have in order to make sourdough baking more enjoyable!

I am no pro, but through a few months of continual experience, I have gotten to a comfortable place in my sourdough journey where I’ve established what items are essential and which ones are pure luxury.

Sometimes it is all about convenience. When something feels inconvenient or difficult, we don’t stay consistent enough to truly know if we like it or not!

So I hope to make your life easier by sharing my personal, essential items…

Item #1- Mason Jars

When you get into the process of feeding and maintaining your sourdough starter, you will begin to nail down a routine that works for you.

For me I needed to have 3 individual jars to make my baking experience easier and convenient.

One of those jars is used for my starter that I feed once per day, another jar is used for my discard which goes into the fridge until I use it in excess baking recipes, and the final jar is used for the actual recipe when I bake bread.

I have found mason jars to be the best in size and shape. It has a wide enough mouth to make pouring and stirring easy and it is tall enough where I can have a good sized starter without worrying about it over flowing or taking up too much space.

Additionally, mason jars can be found anywhere for cheap. I personally got mine at the thrift store and I was even able to purchase these super cool, old glass toppers and metal screw on lids.

Item #2- Libra 1 Gallon Glass Pantry Jar

There is nothing more annoying and time consuming then grabbing a massive bag of flour out of the pantry or cupboard every morning or night, when you only feed your starter ½ cup of that flour…. Talk about a messy, heavy nightmare!

This jar made all the difference for me. It is so pretty, it sits out on my counter full of flour and ready to use daily.

I never have to worry about that heavy bag of flour and the mess that comes with it because all I do is scoot this jar to where I need it and feed my starter easily!

The best quality about this jar, aside from the convenience, is that it is so visually appealing!

I have gotten several compliments on it since getting it. It is definitely a must have staple item for sourdough baking! (or any baking for that matter…)

Item #3- Kitchen scale

When I first started my sourdough journey, I just used measuring cups for everything and something was always a little off.

The scale changed everything about my bread results. I now measure everything in grams! You will quickly find out that the sourdough experts mainly provide recipes that are measured out in grams.

Having and using a kitchen scale will make your life a whole lot easier because you will not have to convert recipes.

Ps- this is totally a hair color scale… but considering I am a stylist, I am using it (no shame) in my kitchen…

Item #4- Flour Scoop and Sifter

When you get to the baking process, you’ll find with most doughs, things can get a little sticky in the beginning.

Owning a scoop and sifter is extremely handy. Instead of worrying about dumping an excess handful of flour on your bread or surface when needed, you’ll guarantee an even sprinkle every time.

It is also very beneficial after you have shaped the dough and you go to score it. Adding some extra flour on the dough right before scoring and baking allows for a better contrast in colors on the bread. Using this tool will avoid the overuse of extra flour and will help achieve an evenly dispersed sprinkle.

Item #5- Bread Scorer

I mean, I will say I got pretty darn lucky to have a husband who is handy and can make me tools when I need him to.

He made this scorer for me using wood as the handle to a straight razor blade.

I tried the serrated knife… didn’t look very pretty.

I also tried holding this razor blade by itself and… let’s just say it’s too risky for someone who uses their hands daily for work. THOSE THINGS ARE SHARP!

If you or someone you know is handy, have them make you a little tool like this. Whatever you use to score, needs to be extremely sharp. When you score, it needs to be quick and smooth because as soon as you cut into that bread, the gasses start to escape and you can lose the fluffiness of the bread quick.

Having a small sharp tool like this will also help you create much cleaner and precise designs and let me tell you, the options are endless when it comes to designing bread.

Item #6- Dutch Oven

I saved my favorite for last. This my friends, in my opinion, is an absolute must to create that beautifully fluffy and browned artisan loaf.

The heat that is held inside a dutch oven is essential to good bread.

Additionally, it is deep and so easy to quickly remove the lid and place your dough inside on parchment paper.

With everything we create in life, we all have our favorites tools.

Since I have had lots of you reach out to me saying you are beginning your sourdough journey and/or have had questions about my methods, I thought it would be helpful to share these 6 MUST HAVE tools.

There are always going to be more gadgets that would be handy to have during the baking process (for me I am still on the hunt for reasonably priced banneton buckets), but the items I have listed above are essential not only to good sourdough baking, but also to convenient and enjoyable baking.

Linked below are all items:

Flour Scoop and Sifter , Kitchen Scale , Libra 1 Gallon Pantry Glass Jar , Bread Scorer , Dutch Oven , Mason Jars

(All of these links are just examples. I personally have found these items at a much better price by going to local stores like Walmart, Canadian Tire, and thrift stores to find better prices)

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