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A Few Favorite Natural Lip Colors

You know the feeling of finding just the right color for your lips after browsing through and trying on a million different shades? I don’t know about you, but that feeling doesn’t come very quick for me so when I find a natural shade that I like, I am thrilled!

The simple thought of lipstick used to make me feel uncomfortable, but I have really grown to love a little extra color and shine, especially for special occasions!

If you can relate, you will enjoy these natural lip colors that are certainly favorites of mine.

I tend to veer towards loving the neutral tones. If it has pink, purple, or brown undertones, its gotta be light and natural looking. You won’t see me wearing a bright lip!

So if you are anything like me and you refuse to wear bright colors on your lips but are interested in a nice light, neutral lip color, I‘ve got you!

In this video, I am showing you my favorite lip colors including simple pinks, my favorite gloss, as well as my all time favorite neutral nude-brown lipstick for the days you want to spice things up a little!

Below this video, you will find each lipstick linked.


Linked- Mac Cosmetics Matte Lipstick , Beauty Counter Bare Shimmer Lipgloss , Bare Minerals Matte Lipstick Cookie , Elf Cosmetics I Love Pink Lipstick Duo

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