A Hair Treatment Trial (with my honest review)

The question of how we are to properly care for our hair is ever present, especially in the industry I work in as a stylist.

The thought of it can certainly be overwhelming especially with the number of products and services out there that claim to work but don’t always live up to our expectations!

I want to simplify caring for your hair as best as I can because it really is so important to replenish what’s lost by the everyday damage it incurs.

I noticed the other day how dry my hair was, so I thought it was definitely time for a hair treatment myself.

This particular product, Reconstruct , is apart of the AG Hair family and was delivered to our salon a few months back making it new to me.

I didn’t know much about it other than the smell was incredible… like vanilla cream cheese frosting incredible…and the packaging was cute.

So I decided to experiment with it and show you what it did for me!


Stated best from the AG website itself, this is how this product works:

Packed with vitamin C, plant-based squalane, vegetable protein and smoothing shea butter, Reconstruct helps restore moisture, build collagen and add elasticity to dry, damaged hair, leaving it feeling softer, shinier, smoother and more radiant.”

Let’s start from the beginning of opening this package. The smell is nothing short of amazing. It smells like vanilla cheese cake and it is not too sweet to my surprise.

The texture is just like a thick conditioner.

I found that because I have a ton of hair, I certainly had to use a generous amount to feel like I fully saturated all my strands.

I began at the ends and worked my way up while still avoiding right at the root so that my hair would not feel greasy.

I let it sit on in the shower for about 6-8 minutes while I shaved and did the rest of my shower routine.

When I rinsed the product out, I could feel that my ends were certainly smoother with no tangles and it was much easier to brush out after towel drying.

When I dried my hair initially, I didn’t really see a whole lot of extra shine or moisture, but what I did notice was my hair was softer to the touch and easier to brush and style.

I certainly noticed that my hair didn’t want to hold a curl as well because it was very moisturized, which in some people’s opinions, that might be annoying, but in my opinion that showed me that this product really worked.

Looking at these after photos, I can definitely see a difference. I see more shine, it looks smooth, and my hair looks healthier and thicker over all.

I also feel as though the results brought out my color just a little bit more.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with these results and I certainly recommend this as a deep conditioning treatment that you could do 1x every 1-2 weeks.

It is so critical to be filling our hair with moisture and nutrients, just like any other part of our bodies, if we want long, healthy hair.

Product Used: AG Reconstruct Vitamin C Strengthening Mask

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