Ask Yourself These Things Before Getting Bangs

Surprisingly, I have had a good handful of clients ask for bangs lately! Front bangs and curtain bangs have been all the rage lately thanks to Pinterest.

The reason I am surprised by this is because it takes some serious courage to cut such a visible portion of your hair to such a short length in one go.

It has certainly made for some fun transformations and it has pushed me, as a stylist, out of my comfort zone.

 But I want you to ask yourself these 7 questions before you cut your bangs to make sure they are a right fit for you!

1. Am I prepared to style them?

Bangs require styling. Whether it be front bangs, side bangs, or curtain bangs, most often our hair doesn’t just naturally fall like the gorgeous Pinterest picture we love. Especially when it comes to bangs, we are often fighting some form of a cowlick and therefore will require some form of extra effort to style on any given day.

2. Do I have the tools to style them?

Often times to get a smooth, naturally bent bang, a flat iron is necessary. Ideally you will want a small to medium size iron so you avoid burning yourself! A flat iron is going to help get rid of any kinks or separation from cowlicks, as well as create a soft bend, if that’s what you are looking for.

3. Am I ready for the grow out?

Bangs are so fun to have but when you are ready to get rid of them, it isn’t that easy. The growing out process can be hard and requires patience. But if you are aware of and ready for that than don’t hold back!

4. How far forward or back is my hairline?

Depending on whether you have a “small” forehead due to a hairline that comes down far in the front or you have a “larger” forehead due to your hairline being farther back, will determine how the bangs will look on you in comparison to the picture you love on Pinterest. Don’t compare in a negative way, but be sure to acknowledge the differences between your hair and the picture before making the big chop.

5. Do I like to wear my hair up out of my face a lot?

Keep in mind that with bangs, you will need to use clips or bobby pins to get all your hair out of your face if that’s what you like to be able to do.

6. Can I make it to the salon for frequent trims?

Bangs often require trims pretty regularly to keep their shape and to prevent them from hanging in your eyes 24/7. Be sure you are willing to stop in most likely once a month to see your stylist for a bang trim and re shape.

7. Would bangs help cover up some of the baby hair I have?

Some women get a lot of breakage around the hair line due to babies, hormones, stress, etc. Bangs are often sought after by these women to help create a fuller look around the face as they grow out those underneath baby hairs.

Examine your answers, weigh the pros and cons, and if you are ready for the chop, have some fun and just do it!

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