Blunt Or Textured Ends: Which One Is For You

Before I cut my clients hair, I always ask this question: Would you like your ends to be blunt or textured? In other words, would you like to disguise your haircut, or do you like the look of fresh ends?

That is truly what the answer to this question comes down to.

A lot of clients are unsure at first until I explain, so I thought I would write about it here in case this is a question you have been asking yourself!

I will start with my own hair experience. Up until the last couple of years, I never wanted to “look” like I got a haircut. I wanted clean ends, but I wanted my hair to appear as long as possible and “natural” at the same time. I didn’t want anyone to say “did you get a haircut?!”

Not only was I fearful of losing length, but I just simply didn’t like the clean edge look.

Now adays, that’s all I want!

It seems to be more and more of a common request amongst clients as well. It is a trend that is certainly coming back.

The difference in style is that the blunt appears clean, obvious, and often thicker while the textured cut looks soft and disguised.

You can certainly get a quality haircut with textured ends, but it won’t feel or appear very drastic. If you are one of those ladies who loves to feel like you just got rid of all the split ends and you want to see the healthy, thick hair that is yours after a good haircut, keep it blunt.

Of course, depending on the density of your hair will depend on how blunt you can keep a cut without looking like Lord Farquaad (I hope you understand what I am getting at!), but your stylist will know how to get you there!

Additionally, if you have fine hair (not much of it), you may want to avoid the textured look as you are already fighting against thin ends. You don’t want your hair to appear any thinner, so keeping the density from a new haircut on the ends will probably be ideal for you.

First step, I would suggest you determine in your own head what look or style you like. Next, ask your stylist and trust her opinion on what would be best for your unique hair!

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