Caring For My Body In A New Way

This last year has presented more than what meets the eye for a lot of people. There are a lot of behind the scenes struggles that individuals and families are facing that we often don’t know about.

I was reminded of this when listening to a sermon a couple weeks back when the pastor reminded us that every single individual that we come in contact with is carrying something- burdens, stress, anxiety, fear, hidden illness, etc. Are we mindful of this when we interact with them?

For me, the stress has manifested itself in the form of physical pain.

This has required a whole new level of care that I have had to identify and persistently do in order to get through most days.

I wanted to share the impact this has made on my mind, heart, and body and hopefully, with the burden you are carrying yourself, you can implement this same kind of care.

I have had to come to a realization that my priority has to be doing the hard thing. Often times the best things we can do for ourselves and our health is not what comes easy.

Things like taking an extra 30 minutes before bed and when I wake up in the morning to stretch and work on mobility to keep my body moving, saying no to certain activities if I know it will exacerbate the pain even when that means missing out, or even finding joy in the mundane moments of the day even with a gnawing pain in my back… These things take work and time.

But they are a form of care for my body that is required.

Often times we just want a quick fix. We go to the doctor to get a diagnosis which, we hope, leads to a cure. However, often times we are given a list of things to do and/or not to do that don’t often lead to a quick fix but rather a grueling process to feel better.

This goes against all our hopes of an easy process. But what it does, is it trains us to do the hard thing which is often the most rewarding. Whether or not it leads to healing, it always leads to refinement.

I am learning that the little commitments I have had to make a priority in my life, though they may be hard, will reap larger benefits than any quick fix I could receive. Stronger character, perseverance, and a better understanding of true, lasting, refinement.

I would jump to say that self-care is actually a lot more difficult and grueling than what we tend to think it is. (i.e manicures, pedicures, and face masks)

So, what I have learned most recently about caring for my body is that it isn’t always the easy thing to do. And in fact, most of the time it is just plain hard, but we must do the hard thing to produce the results we are looking for.

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