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Confessions Of A Hairstylist

There are stereotypes for hairstylists, some true and some far off. I’d say that this is true for any job.

We can look at someone else’s life and assume it is a certain way, but it is safe to say we never really know until we are in their shoes.

So I thought, let’s have a chat session about what the life of a hairstylist entails.

We juggle meeting creative expectation with meeting emotional expectation

As hairstylists, we often become like counselors. Not only are we required to create beautiful hair, but we also need to provide a safe, caring and loving environment for our clients no matter where they may be coming from.

For me, I carry the burdens of my clients willingly. I have always said it- I love that I get to be a little bit like a counselor. I get to provide a listening ear for my clients who are sometimes truly hurting in their current situations.

As hairstylists, we are expected to listen, appreciate, and create no matter what. You can’t just have an “off” day and come back the next and start over. Every day, we have one of the most valued physical features in our hands.

However, as much as we may try to meet every single client exactly where they are, we are still fallible humans who will fall short. Perfection is unattainable but the one thing we can do, is try our very best to listen well in order to give each client the all-around experience they are looking for.

This is where I let God lead me in my career to say and be and do exactly what is needed in each given moment with each unique client.

Physical Pain

Who knew that this job could be so taxing on our bodies?

This confession is not a cry for pity. In fact, please avoid pity because I am positive it could be a lot worse.

But I think we often feel guilty in admitting that ya..our backs hurt, our legs get sore and stiff from standing all day, our shoulders burn, our hands hurt, our necks get stiff. It is just the reality of a job that requires you to stand all day and use your arms and hands in ways you wouldn’t typically use them.

Additionally, when you work a high stress job, your body usually takes the hit. Stress manifests itself in weird ways and one of those ways is physical pain.

If I have learned anything regarding this confession it is this- Take care of your body first. Then you will be able to show up for your clients like they need.

If this means less appointments in the day, so be it. If this means less money, so be it. For me, being able to move my body, train, hike, be active with my husband, do the daily chores to create a home for my family, etc. far exceeds the importance of working my body to death all day, every day.

Hairstylists can be business savvy and make good money

Coming from a girl who grew up with a dad who owns an accounting and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) firm, I can’t stand the idea that hairstylists are limited when it comes to business.

I also can’t stand how easily hairstylists are swayed by the thought that they don’t deserve to make good money or that it isn’t possible. IT IS and it should be.

If you are doing your job well, treating your clients well, and providing amazing experiences and results, then there is no reason you shouldn’t get paid for what you do.

It took me 6 years in my career to finally come to a place of confidence in my abilities, getting consistent client results, and the knowledge I have to offer. Additionally, I have spent the extra time to research and learn how to run my hair career as a business, because that is exactly what it is.

Hairstyling is not just “for fun” and it isn’t just a side gig. It’s what pays the bills for many and it’s what brings in the big bucks for others.

When a hairstylist has the ability to think with a business mindset and not an emotional mindset, the options are end-less, and the potential is big.

We are pleasers

Are you a pleaser by nature?

I find most hairstylists are pleasers. We typically genuinely care about our work and the ability we have to create exactly what our client desires.

At the beginning of my career in this industry, that quality got me in trouble often because I would over promise and under deliver. But what I have realized over the years is that if I give my absolute best, that is all I can give.

Not any stylist is going to fit with any client and vice versa and THAT’S OKAY.

Learning to be confident in what we are personally capable of, putting effort into continued education, and giving our all, is the best we can do. That is what should please… and if it doesn’t, we can move on.

In conclusion, each career presents different challenges and victories. This makes it so important to support one another, be gentle with each other, and encourage with our words and actions.

We are all out here just trying to do our best.

I love my job. And even though it requires some sacrifice, it brings me so much joy to see my clients happy. It brings me fulfillment to be a safe haven for women who just need space to talk. My job is one of a kind and I am so thankful for it.



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