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DIY Easy Cold Brew At Home

I think most of us can agree that first and foremost, lattes, iced coffees, and caffeine in general are an everyday priority. But I think we can also agree that we spend way too much money on Starbucks…

What if I told you it was easy and completely doable to make your own iced cold brew coffee at home from scratch?

I think we often put “from scratch” creations in the “I don’t have time for that” category, but let me tell you what… This DIY cold brew is just about the fastest “from scratch” kitchen creation that you can invest yourself in.

All you need is your favorite kind of coffee grounds, a tea or coffee diffuser, water, and a refrigerator.

It is likely that we all have access to 3 out of those 4 things and I can assure you that the tea diffuser is available on Amazon… A.K.A budget friendly and fast, free delivery… yes please!

Let’s hop in, shall we?

The first step of making cold brew from scratch at home is adding your coffee grounds to the diffuser.

I use 4 scoops of coffee grounds in a 2 quart diffuser.

I do this the day or night before I want to consume, so that my brew can sit in the refrigerator overnight.

After you add your grounds to the diffuser, you will then pour preferably cold, filtered water over your grounds, cap the container off, and gently shake.

You don’t want to shake to the point at which your grounds are spilling out into the water. But even if this happens, you can strain your brew in the morning and it is as easy as that.

I let my grounds soak in the refrigerator overnight but you can leave them up to 2 nights…whatever works for you!

It is common to read and be told that you should grind your own coffee and keep the grounds coarse for maximum flavor, but I am here to tell you that using pre-ground coffee works just as well.

I personally use a local coffee roasting company near me for my grounds, but I am sure that you can use any quality coffee grounds that you like. If you want to grind your own, go right ahead and try keeping your grounds coarse.

I let my brew sit one night and I find the flavor to be just right.

The best way I have found to describe the difference in taste of cold brew vs a regular latte, is that it is “smooth”, “sweet”, and this method of brew takes the bitterness away.

It also has less acidity which may be appealing to you if you like coffee but can’t handle a lot of it because of the acidity.

I hope you try this at home and leave a comment below if you do!

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