Don’t Do This With Your Hair

As a stylist who cares to see my clients happy with their hair (and women in general), I want to share some very crucial things to avoid doing with your hair.

The purpose in sharing these is to help you avoid any long-term damage or consequences that might land you more money and/or more frustration with your hair in the future.

#1- Don’t dye it yourself

I recommend avoiding at home hair dye, box dye, or any form of uneducated coloring for these two key reasons:

  1. We have no idea what is actually in box dye or cheap hair dye from the store that could potentially be causing long lasting damage
  2. An uneducated color job is going to land you in a worse off position then you were in before due to the potential color correction that it will take to get you to where you’d like to be in the future

I have seen it too many times when clients will come in and they will be heartbroken about their current hairs state and want a “fix”. But often times the fix can’t happen in one service and most of the time it can’t happen without some damage and a lot of money.

In the end, it isn’t worth it to dye your own hair for the sake of getting it done at a discount.

A color correction to fix the bad dye job is going to cost you a lot more money in the end.

#2- Don’t wear your hair in a tight ponytail too often

Pulling your hair back tightly every single day in the same spot is going to cause breakage that is near impossible to get rid of.

Often times, this kind of breakage happens in the upper to middle part of your hair and the only way to get rid of it is letting it grow out.

If you are someone that needs to wear your hair up or back every day for work, I recommend you get really quality ponytails that will prevent breakage. I also recommend you wear your hair up in different spots daily. For example, some days you would wear a high ponytail, other days you would wear a mid-ponytail or even a low bun.

#3- Don’t rip through knots when your hair is wet

When hair is wet, it is the most vulnerable. The elasticity in the hair changes when it is damp making it stretchy and easy to break.

I recommend using a leave in conditioner that you would put on your hair before brushing through it.

I would also recommend you use a brush that is designed for detangling wet hair (such as a wet brush). The bristles on these brushes are made to bend with the hair as you comb through the knots, but still strong enough to effectively detangle.

I get it, sometimes it can be hard to be patient with your hair especially if you have fine strands that tangle easy. But it is important to remember that how we treat our hair on the daily does indeed impact its overall health and ability to grow!

#4- Avoid washing your hair every day with really hot water

Extremely hot water is just as damaging on the hair as using hot tools. It definitely does a number in drying out your hair.

Washing every day with hot water is going to make your hair feel dry, rough, and it will also cause your color (if you color your hair) to fade quicker.

Hot water opens up the cuticle (outer layer) of the hair which allows the color to seep out.

Warm to cool water is a better choice, especially if you are someone who HAS to wash your hair daily.

I recommend at least one day between washes to allow for the natural oils to do their job in hydrating your hair.

Taking care of your hair in the simplest ways like these will totally pay off in the end.

Look at as another form of self-care… your hair too deserves to be treated with kindness!

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