Fall Inspired Hair Color

I am almost in disbelief that we are looking September right in the face and that fall is right around the corner! Are there going to be some hair changes for you in the near future?

Often times as a stylist, clients want to “darken things up” when fall comes around. Cooler air, cooler hair!

I see a lot of blondes want to go from bright ashy blonde to either a soft dimensional “bronde”, or even go for the full on switch to darker hair. I also see my ashy blondes want to give warm, rich chocolates a try and that is always a fun change!

I want to give you a visual of a few different options you could consider for your color going into fall.

1. Dimensional Bronde

This color is for the girl who absolutely adores her blonde, but just wants to add a slight bit of depth back into it. Maybe you want to see more dimension when you curl it or maybe you want to see a slight darker root.

Either way, it is possible to add in some shadows to give you enough of a change without completely taking you to the dark side or stripping you of your blonde.

2. Warm Caramel Bronde

This color is going to be for the girl who is either a brunette wanting to add some warm lighter tones or the blonde who is more daring and wants to darken things up quite a bit.

Maybe you find yourself wanting more of a change, but you don’t necessarily want to fully commit to being a one or the other, blonde or brunette.

With this color you can have a little bit of both with the addition of warmth for a change. Maybe you want to know what you look like with “warm tones” rather than “cool tones”.

The great thing about blonde is that you can truly tone it to whatever you want.. beige, golden, caramel, ashy, silver, etc. The options are endless. With this color, you could simply add some highlights into your brown and tone these pieces to be the perfect fall color.

3. Rich Chocolate Brown

Of course, this is for my true dare devils… The ones who are totally willing to make a big change for the new season.

You can either completely darken your hair, roots to ends, or you can leave some of your blonde on the ends and tone it to a darker blonde to blend well.

Brown is fun because you can go for the cooler tones or warm tones… It doesn’t have to be “boring” and the option truly are endless.

So what’s it going to be for you? Has 2020 brought enough change or are you ready for more?!

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