Future Plans

For quite a while now, I have been in a social media “funk”. I have simply needed to step away and focus in on the future plans and goals I have that ultimately serve me, my family, and my end goals best.

Because you have played such a vital role in my growth here on the blog, I wanted to include you in these future plans that I have so you can understand where my head and heart is these days!

By trade I am an active hairstylist. I work 5 days a week in the salon and have created my schedule to match up with my priorities and needs. I thoroughly enjoy creating beautiful hair and as you probably know, I love working with blondes.

But something you may not know about me is that, my desire to learn, teach, and inspire other hairstylists in the business and booth renting realm, has begun to exceed my desire to work day and night in the salon.

Because of this burning desire, I have decided to work on creating my own business that I hope to launch in the next year or so! (This might be a lofty goal while working full time in the salon, but I am trying to hold to it)

Without giving too much detail too early on in the process, it should be known that this will be a resource for hairstylists that I am so excited to provide. It is aimed at the growth and success of stylists that view, or want to view, their career as a business.

With that being said, behind the scenes for me these days looks a lot like brainstorming, writing, planning, creating, and attempting to have patience with the process.

I am so excited for what the future holds with this business venture! But I also want to update you who are here as clients or not, but women who are looking for hair, makeup, and life inspiration. I am here to give it, but with less consistency these days. I am still trying to navigate how this is to work.

So here is my update, my future plans. Stay tuned to find out what’s in the making!


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