Hair Talks: How You Can Have the Pinterest Balayage

So you have been eyeing all those Pinterest balayage pictures and thinking, “I want that!”

Perhaps you already have a balayage and you ask yourself why yours doesn’t look like the Pinterest picture you like!

Here are a few things you should consider as you read this post:

Have you figured out how to achieve the best results when you style your balayage? Have you taken into consideration how the density and texture of your hair will determine the way balayage looks on you? What is the starting color of your hair, what is your goal color, and realistically think about and ask your stylist what it will take to get you there and if it is even possible!

I will try to address most of the crucial questions about balayage here in this post so that you walk away from it feeling educated about all things balayage.

I think a lot of people look at this color technique and say “wow, that looks so easy and it is so low maintenance.” And while it certainly is one of the lower maintenance styles as far as grow out goes, it can take awhile to get you there. Additionally it is still “artificial” color that needs sprucing up once in awhile!

All of that being said, balayage is probably my favorite and most demanded styles to create in the salon. I highly recommend it for MOST people.

It certainly falls under my motto for everything I do, which is “enhancing natural beauty.” You get to allow the natural color you were born with, to grow in soft and subtly while still adding a little sparkle to it.

Let’s start here…

One of the bigger important questions to ask is whether or not you curl your hair often or if you mostly straighten it.

The reason this is an important question to ask is because when you look at balayage pictures on Pinterest, most often they are curled. Why? Because curling a balayage brings out the dimension we love to see.

Whether or not you curl your hair, should not, when done correctly, affect the blend of your balayage. However, it will change the way the dimension of the colors looks. Both are beautiful, just different, and should be considered.

Next you should ask yourself, where is my hair now and what is my goal color?

The reason this should be asked is because balayage doesn’t always happen perfectly in one session.

For example, if you are going from a dark brown and you want a natural grow-out with pale blonde ends, chances are high it will take a few or more appointments and patience to get you there. On the other hand, if you have a light natural brown color, chances are high we can balayage you perfectly in one session.

Getting you from dark to a natural balayage requires appointments that are fairly close together like 1.5-3 months. We want to build on well-maintained hair.

Additionally, going from dark to light, your hair has to process through a series of colors- red, orange, yellow.

If you are finding your balayage is continually “warm” in tone, which means it contains gold tones or caramel tones, you should have that conversation with your stylist.

Inquire whether or not, with a couple more lightening sessions, you will be able to get rid of warmth completely or if your hair just naturally pulls warmth and might not ever pass through that stage.

Unfortunately, some hair pulls warm tones no matter what, and if that is you, you’ll need to acknowledge and be aware that your balayage might be a little more maintenance when it comes to toning and at home care products.

What kind of maintenance is required? For the sake of this post not turning into a short novel, let’s pretend your hair is perfectly balayaged, fresh out of the salon and you want to know when your next appointment should be.

Ask yourself these questions.. Am I going to pay for the necessary products I need at home to upkeep the tone of the blonde I desire? Am I wanting to eventually go lighter or am I happy with the amount of lightness now?

If you keep up on protecting and enhancing your color from home with products such as purple shampoo and color locking products, and you are content with the lightness, you should be able to go 3-6 months before you see your stylist for a touch up.

However, if you want to go lighter, don’t wait longer then 2-3 months. Otherwise you are basically starting over from scratch each time you go in and you will pay more to achieve less.

How might a balayage look on someone with fine hair? This will vary from person to person: how you decide to style your hair and if you want your balayage to be subtle or fairly obvious.

Here are a couple of examples of fined haired clients who had different goals in mind but the same amount of hair.

This is one of the benefits of balayage. It is easy to go “subtle” with it.

You might like subtle if you don’t like to style your hair much OR you are coloring it for the first time and just want to know what it will look like on you before you totally commit!

One last question I will address because its a question that is often asked…

How long do balayage appointments usually take? This will depend totally on the stylist as well as the color we are working with to start.

I personally usually require 4 hours for a balayage service, but sometimes it can take 5-6. SOUNDS CRAZY, I know!

What you have to understand is we are trying to create a soft progression of natural at the root to bright and light on the ends. It is not a matter of slapping some color on and letting you go. It is strategically placing and painting the color on to each individual section so that it blends perfectly.

I hope that this post is helpful for you as you consider a balayage and/or consider why yours might not look like the Pinterest picture you have in your head.

It could be that you are just not there yet with lightness because of the original canvas you started with. It could also be that you are not styling your hair the way the pictures you are viewing are styled orrrr you might just need to find a different stylist.

Do your research, be open, and know that this can be a process, but once you are there, you are there and it is a real pleasure owning a hairstyle that is unique to you and enhances what you already got!

Until next time,



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