How To Achieve The High Messy Ponytail

When I ran a poll in my instagram story for which tutorial you all wanted to see first, I was thrilled to see that you wanted this one because it is truly a staple look for me!

Whether it is lounging around the house or going to work, I use this style more often then not! It is a great way to get most of your hair out of your face while still maintaining some style and a cute look!

In this video, I have laid out the products I love and use, as well as the technique (that is actually pretty dang simple) and I know that if you follow it, you will be able to wear this as well!

Please don’t let me be the only one who uses this high messy pony as a go to 😉

Enjoy this tutorial!

Linked here are the products and tools I used:

Until next time beauties,


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