How To Care For Your Blonde Hair

It is no secret that blonde hair can feel like a lot more maintenance for some of us. I am here to give you some quick tips on how you can combat the stubborn tones that peek through even days after you get your blonde touched up.

Here are the very practical and straightforward steps you can take to keep your blonde fresh:

Invest in a water filter

Water has a huge impact on blonde hair. If you have poor quality water, it is likely filled with chlorine and other minerals that can discolor your hair.

The only way to get rid of this problem is by getting a water filter that connects to your shower head like the one pictured below:

Shower Head Water Filter

Use a mask or coconut oil before swimming in Chlorine or other harsh environments like saltwater

Saltwater and chlorine can certainly cause a build-up of chemicals on your blonde or even strip the toner your stylist has used. This will lead to discoloration of your blonde.

Using some sort of thick conditioner before swimming in these environments, will act as a barrier for your hair and prevent the negative effects!

Coco & Eve Living Proof

Schedule a toning service between color appointments

Like any demi permanent color, toner is only temporary. For some it holds on longer and for others your hair does not like to grab hold of and lock in the pigment of the toner.

I would say it is essential for every blonde, who has high expectations for their tone, to come in every 6 weeks between full color appointments for an in-salon toning service.

Toning is what we do to cancel out unwanted colors (like orange and yellow), and leave your blonde ashy, beige, golden, or neutral.

Violet toning style creams and/or sprays

Surprise! There are more “at home” options for you than just purple shampoo.

Styling creams and sprays that have an underlying violet base can either be used on their own or alongside a shampoo.

If you are one of those ladies who hates purple shampoo because it makes your hair feel dry, you might go for this option instead.

These products will be much more hydrating, but a little more temporary. Instead of fully penetrating into the cuticle, it will lay on top, acting like a stain.

Milkshake Silver Shine Whipped Cream Kerastase Cicaflash Fortifying Treatment

Use Purple and Blue shampoo

Last, but not least, I have to hit on the powerful purple and blue pigmented shampoos.

These are certainly going to be the closest to an at home toner that you will get.

When using these shampoos, you should let them sit on and penetrate into your wet hair for at least 5 minutes. But keep an eye on it as some shampoos are VERY potent.

Purple shampoo and blue shampoo will help fight the yellow and brassy tones. Purple cancels out yellow, while blue cancels out orange.

Make sure that if you do not know which one you should be using for your color of blonde, that you ask your stylist!

Joico Purple Shampoo Matrix Brass Off Blue Shampoo

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