How To Condition Your Hair Effectively

Are you conditioning your hair correctly? You might be saying, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to condition your hair”, but there is an effective and ineffective way to do it, so let’s just get into it.

Some of the biggest concerns with conditioners these days is that they weigh the hair down, leave a heavy residue, or they just don’t detangle the hair like they are supposed to.

Let’s address each of these concerns:

If you have struggled finding a conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down, you might be excited to hear that my solution to this problem isn’t that complicated.

Typically, the hair will feel heavy at the root, right? It may feel like no matter what you do, the volume just isn’t going to happen…

The way that you can fix this problem is by working the conditioner into your ends and slowly working halfway up to the mid shaft.

Our roots don’t actually need any conditioner at all. The natural oil our scalp produces, is there to hydrate and it usually does a good job of that on its own.

Conditioner should solely be focused on the ends of our hair where it tends to be dry, brittle, or damaged from various factors.

If your concern is, “if I don’t apply the conditioner everywhere, then I can’t brush through my hair when I get out of the shower”- My response to that is, do you brush your hair before you get in the shower?

Brushing your hair when it is dry is going to be a lot more effective then trying to brush out a tangled, wet mess.

If you get the tangles out before it is wet, applying the conditioner just at your ends and mid-shafts will be sufficient.

Does your conditioner leave a residue?

There are a lot of conditioners, mostly the ones you can buy at the local drug store, that contain ingredients like silicone. Silicone is a waxy substance that is added into hair products to make your hair feel smooth.

First off, if your conditioner has silicone, ditch it. It isn’t good to be using on your hair.

Second, silicone can be very heavy. Our hair is not designed to hold the weight of that. More importantly, a quality conditioner is designed to fill your hair with moisture and protein, not just coat it with wax.

Lastly, do you feel like your conditioner isn’t helping to detangle your hair?

As discussed above, if you aren’t already brushing your hair before you get it wet, make sure to do that.

You may also just need to invest in a different type of conditioner. Your hair “needs” are unique to you and your circumstances, so the type of conditioner you use should address those.

If you have heavily bleached hair, your conditioner should contain lots of protein and moisture and be formulated specifically for dry, brittle hair.

If your hair is virgin hair and you struggle with tangles, it may actually just be that your hair is fine and tangles easy. To you, I would say, invest in a smoothing conditioner as well as a spray on/leave in conditioner to aid in the initial brushing, as well as the smoothness throughout the day.

Everyone’s circumstances are slightly different so I would suggest that if you don’t know what your hair needs, ask your hairstylist.

Here are my top recommended brands for conditioners, but don’t hesitate to ask your stylist which product would work best for you!

Maria Nila, Davines, Milkshake, Pureology

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