How To Find A Hairstylist

Have you gotten to the point where you are asking yourself how in the world do I find a hairstylist?

Finding a talented, personal, and real stylist has never been so difficult and yet so easy, at the same time, as it is today.

We have tools right in front of us to search for a stylist and yet we tend to rush or settle just so we can get new hair or, because of pressure from the outside.

Let me tell you why it is easier today than ever before, and how you can go about your search.

I am going to give you 3 practical things you can do to find a hairstylist that is right for you.

1.Stalk their social media

Can we all say PTL for social media?! Can you even imagine the days where that wasn’t around?

Having a portfolio of our creations is pretty dang mandatory.

Personally, I would not let someone bring scissors or chemicals near my hair unless I had a visual idea of what they are able to do over and over again.

Looking at their consistent portfolio is going to help you decide whether or not you like their “style”, because yes, every hairstylist produces work that is unique to them. You can then walk into your appointment knowing they already possess the vision you have for your hair.

Following along on their social platforms will also help you identify whether or not your personalities mesh.

Of course online will always be and feel slightly different then in person, but it will give you a good inclination nonetheless, on whether or not you will get along.

Let me tell you, it is important to get along with your hairstylist.

2. Schedule a consultation

Scheduling a consult will allow you to get to know your potential new stylist a little better before the actual service.

A good consult is designed to talk over the options, exchange pictures, discuss the price, as well as get a feel of how conversation might go with this person!

If you can’t have a quality conversation during a consult and come to some sort of an agreement on the final product of the hair, just walk away civil with no hard feelings at all! This is going to not only benefit you but it will also benefit the stylist.

Having a “go to” hairstylist is kind of like having a doctor in the sense that there needs to be a lot of trust, easy conversation, and listening and understanding.

If that isn’t there, don’t force it and move on.

The other big component of a consult is knowing what the stylist charges and determining for yourself if you like their work enough to pay full price.

Hair is not cheap. You should pay for what you get. If you love their work and don’t want to pay full price, I highly suggest you just move on.

3) Ask around for recommendations, feedback, and even reach out to one of their clients

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, this is still possible in the age of social media.

If you have not received a direct recommendation from a client of this stylist, look at their social media and reach out to one of the clients pictured.

This doesn’t have to be a sneaky move.. This is simply just “hey, I am looking for a new stylist and I wanted to get your feedback on so and so..”

Easy enough?

This can help you evaluate, based off their feedback, what is important to you and what is not and if they possess those qualities.

Personally, as a hairstylist, this message is important to me. Gone are the days where I am just looking for anyone and everyone to sit in my chair!

I want to build professional and yet fun relationships with my clients and have a mutual trust. If the client does not like the work that I create consistently, it is better for the both of us to go our separate ways!

Whether or not you are currently looking for a stylist, this information will help you if you get to the point of needing to make a switch.

Just remember, no one is perfect, but it is normal and healthy to go through an interview process to ensure you have the “right” person creating beauty with your hair.

Until next time,



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