How To Properly Apply Dry Shampoo (with video!)

It is mandatory to know how to apply dry shampoo in order to get the results that it was created to give you. I don’t believe every dry shampoo is created equally, however, I am convinced that if you use it properly, you will get a better result.

I used to spray an insanely tiny amount of dry shampoo in random places, wherever I saw fit, and I would instantly touch it for fear that the whiteish film you initially see would stay around and ruin my hair for the day. Little did I know, I was doing it all wrong.

I wasn’t letting the product dry which was preventing it from actually working to soak up the oil in my hair. On top of that, I was touching my hair instantly with my hands that also carry natural oils. As you can imagine, “no dry shampoo was good enough! It just doesn’t work for me!”

Can you relate?

I have learned throughout the years the proper way to apply dry shampoo and I have finally found great success. I am sharing in this video how I do this and I have also added a BONUS TIP at the end, so stay around for that!

Linked below are a few awesome dry shampoos!


Joico Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo – Used today

Bedhead O Bee Hive Dry Shampoo

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

Until next time beauties,


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