How To Wash Your Hair (The Correct Way)

Are you washing your hair correctly? Believe it or not, there IS a right (and wrong) way to wash your hair and I am going to dive into that today!

I think it’s an important and helpful topic to have a little chat about, as I find I have many clients that tell me they “had no idea they were supposed to do this!”

Let’s start with the importance of hygiene because that ultimately is the biggest proponent and driving factor to properly wash your hair.

Why is scalp and hair hygiene important?

Washing your hair properly can help prevent the risk of developing scalp diseases such as dandruff or lice. Of course, not everyone who doesn’t wash their hair properly, will develop these diseases, however proper hygiene of your scalp will aid in fighting against them.

On a less “intense” or “serious” scale, another reason why proper hair hygiene is important, is so that when you go into hair appointments, your hair is properly cared for and clean.

You know that myth that says you should leave your hair as dirty as possible before your color appointment?

It is a myth!

Color essentially has to work harder at that point in breaking through all the sebum (oil) and product build up that is on your strands and the results can vary if the hair is not properly cleansed.

Moving onto how to properly wash your hair, you want to first ensure that your shampoo is color safe and sulphate free.

I have talked about this a lot, but I will say it again… Sulphates are chemicals that are added into many body and hair products that essentially produce the “bubbles” that create a better lather of that product.

When buying a proper shampoo for the first time, it may feel like it doesn’t lather, but let me tell how to make it work.

You must wash your hair twice!

The first time you apply your shampoo, it is normal to see minimal lather especially if you are like me and go 3-5 days without washing.

The first time applying your shampoo is simply to lift the product build up so that you can go in with a second wash and truly lather your hair and scrub your scalp.

After rinsing out the first round of shampoo, apply a second round and really work that product in.

You will notice the difference in lather! Now it is up to you to use your finger pads and truly massage the product into EVERY area of your scalp, including right in the middle back where it is typically missed.

Give it a good scrub!

Now you have truly washed your hair correctly and you can move on to your conditioner.

Another pro tip if you begin getting to a point where that doesn’t even seem to work… invest in a clarifying shampoo to use when this point comes!

A clarifying shampoo should not be used regularly as it strips your hair and can cause major dryness. However, if you are someone who has a thick hair and you feel the need for a good wash once every couple of months, this is what I suggest you do when washing twice even begins to seem impossible.

I am sharing with you a few of my favorite trustworthy shampoo brands below:

Maria Nila, AG, Pureology, Davines, Eleven

Hopefully this will help guide you when choosing your next shampoo.

A proper wash starts with a proper shampoo!

Until next time,



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