I Am Overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed with excitement for what’s ahead… I have always had a dream. And as the days progress in this fine year of 2021, the actions toward that dream are becoming clearer and clearer.

Let’s just say I am a hairstylist during the day and dreamer at night!

But, I am continually amazed at how quickly “imposter syndrome” can start to invade my mind.

The doubts go a little like this… “do you really have that expertise to offer?” “Do people really want to hear from you, an average girl?” “Do you have what it takes to succeed in the online world?”

YES! I do! And people do want to hear from me! There is always space for the pursuit of our dreams and there are always people who want to learn from our individual experiences!

This blog, this page, this account has turned into a little bit of a diary. A diary of the transition from one pursuit of mine to the next.

And I am so glad to have you here for it!

I know I have kept things kind of vague up until this point, but just know that as soon as I progress in this new venture, you will be the first to know.

And if you don’t hear anything else from this blog, hear this: You can. You should. And do not let fear hold you back.


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