Keys To Making Cooking Simple

One of my favorite things to do is cook meals for my husband and I. But what I have learned about cooking is that if it isn’t simple, it is difficult to be consistent.

Though this has nothing to do with hair, makeup, skincare or anything of the sorts, it still falls into a category that I am passionate about and that is health. So, I thought, why not mix it up for the Christmas season 2020 and talk to something a little different.

Maybe it is just me, but I thrive off of routine. So, every week looks very similar for the sake of consistency.

I make the effort to go once per week to the grocery store and load up on all the things I need for meals that week.

There will always be staple items such as milk, eggs, cereal, oats, sauces (ketchup, mustard, soy sauce), etc. But dinners look different weekly so I make sure to write a list before I go keeping in mind a rough idea of what dinners will consist of.

However, this is where I do things differently to make life easier. Instead of following recipes that consist of very specific ingredients, I choose to pick a protein, a starch, and a veggie for every meal.

This makes grocery shopping easier because instead of finding very specific ingredients for specific recipes to be used that week, I simply load up on starches, veggies, and protein to be thrown together based off how I am feeling that day.

For the sake of making this easier to visually understand, a common meal we will have is chicken, yams and beets, and a salad. I will switch up the way I bake, grill, or cook the chicken, I will typically turn yams into yam fries to spice it up tossed in with some beets, and I will add a salad for another side.

For that meal, I will have what I need because when I went to the grocery store, it was simple enough to pick up each of those individual items without worrying about extra spices and sauces to make it happen.

Another reason this method is so much easier to be consistent with is because for the most part, you can stay on the outer aisles of the grocery store where the whole food lives.

To wrap things up, you get to live a healthy life and make “eating out” a treat. I used to think eating out was the norm. Now that I cook just about every single night of the week, I enjoy eating out more on the rare occasion.

Don’t let eating at home be complicated or stressful. It may take your taste buds some getting used to being content with simple, but your body with thank you for it!

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