Keys To Styling Short Hair

All you need is a slight bend to create a loose, fun, and textured style with short hair. It is easy to over-complicate this look because we think that since it is short if we miss a piece, it will look straight and flat and is if we didn’t even touch it, to begin with.

What we need to understand though is that “less is more” to get the textured wave look with shorter length hair.

I’m here to give you good news. When the desired look is to add a fun, messy wave to your hair, you need to think no further than adding a slight bend to each section.

Where do you start?

I would start with two sections. Clip one-third of your hair up and begin on the bottom section. Keep in mind that the bottom section is simply a base to build off of and is mostly covered by the hair that lays over top.

Once you are done with the bottom layer, move on to the top. This is where you can add as little or as much to the look as you so desire, but again, a little goes a long way so don’t get too caught up in the detail.

Whether you have a wand, a flat iron, or the OG curling iron, the goal is to add one bend in the strand and leave the ends out. Take sections no bigger than your iron (if your iron is 1 inch, you should be taking 1-inch sections) and create that wave.

Once you have bent all sections, you should let your hair completely cool and then go in with a dry shampoo or texture spray, lift your hair up where you want the volume and spray. Mess around with those pieces, pull them out a little bit, and create that texture with your hands until you are happy with the results!

Here are a few of my favorite short haired clients styled out at the end of their service…

I am sharing below a few of my favorite products to create this look:

Until next time beauties,


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