Life Update

I’ve spent less and less time online and more and more intentional time in prayer and face to face interactions with the ones I love lately…

How is it that the “duty” we feel to the online world or pleasing others can so easily cause us to feel guilt or shame that is overwhelming at times?

But you know what? There have just simply been extremely more pressing matters in my life as of late than getting a blog up twice a week and posting on Instagram to ensure consistency.

Someone once encouraged me by saying these words, “For what? For what are you doing that? For what are you trying to do all the right things at the right time in the right way?”

I think we could all use that as a little encouragement because it truly is far too easy to live our lives for the approval of others or the accomplishment’s that the world tells us makes us worthy.

In the last couple of weeks, God has truly been testing my faith. I have been reminded that in the most painful seasons of life is when we are reminded of our need for God. Our need for someone who can carry our burdens for us.

Some burdens are just too heavy to bear on our own and in the last couple of weeks, that is what I have felt. And I am more thankful for my relationship with Jesus now then I think I have ever been.

For now, I am continuing to do life in public to the best of my abilities. But if at any minute I need to drop the daily duties to tend to what is most important in this life, I will do that. I am ready to do that.

I hope that you, if you are struggling right now, are able to find hope. Hope in the reality that truly, we are not meant to live our lives for the approval of others. And we are not to live our lives in fear.

We all have the opportunity to choose hope. And I pray you find that today!


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