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My 4 Staple Beauty Items

Everyone has their “staple” items. You know, the ones that without thinking you put on every morning?

I am a pretty easy-going gal and have never worn a ton of jewelry and/or accessories. But what I do wear includes functional and versatile items that fit my simple style needs.

So here we go!

1) Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

I love my Fitbit. Surprisingly, I get a lot of questions about it while I am working!

A few reasons why I like my Fitbit is because it provides me with easy access to time, it keeps me accountable with movement throughout the day, and it adds, in my opinion, a cute little accessory to my wrist.

Although I keep my band really simple, you can switch out the bands to fit your style. So, if you are someone who likes a little more “bling”, they have that for you. If you prefer the more solid color, athletic look and you don’t mind it looking like a fitness watch, you can find that as well. They also sell bright and fun colors and patterns.

For me, I love a watch that is truly functional. And personally, I like the look of an athletic watch!

I do not have the latest version of the Fitbit Versa, but I know it has high reviews and slightly more up to date features.

I highly recommend this watch all the time!

2) My simple gold necklace

Okay, no… it isn’t REAL gold… But I love it!

It is simple and it truly goes with any outfit. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty picky with the length of necklaces. If they are a choker, they are too short. If they are a long necklace, they only go with certain shirts. This one sits just right on my neck and I honestly wear it with every outfit.

Like I said, I have never been much of a jewelry wearer, so this necklace does the job. I purchased it last summer in Kelowna while I was there at a small boutique.

Keep an eye out at the small, local boutiques because usually that is where you will find dainty, simple necklaces like these.

3) Scrunchie

I don’t wear a scrunchie on my wrist at all times, but if ever you see me with my hair pulled up or back in any way (with the exception of while I workout) it will be with a scrunchie!

I love scrunchies because they are delicate on the hair, they don’t pull, and they do not cause breakage.

Additionally, they are big so they hold my big hair!

Scrunchies also make a boring updo turn into a cute and trendy style almost instantly. Obviously it will depend on the style of your scrunchie, so buy yourself some fun patterns and colors!

4) Beauty Counter Lip gloss and/or Vaseline

Yep, you heard me right… vaseline! I’m not much of a colorful lipstick lover, but I love some good shine and hydration!

I have found Vaseline gives the most hydrating, natural shine. This is my first go to.

If I am out and don’t have my Vaseline I will opt for this beautiful opal Beauty Counter Lip Gloss!

It is so shiny when it goes on! I don’t find it quite as hydrating or long lasting, but it is certainly great for when I am out and about.

As you can see, I am simple. These 4 staple items are truly all I need to feel ready to go for the day.

Like I said, if it is functional and simple? I will take it!

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