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My Biggest Career Mistake

Whether you are a hairstylist or not, if you have chosen a career or focused in on one skill, you might be able to relate to this big career mistake.

We often sell ourselves short don’t we? The quote we all have heard is true, “you are your own worst critic”..

When I first began my career as a hairstylist, I had no confidence in my abilities. I often questioned if I would ever be enough in this industry. It is heavily saturated with millions of talented men and women and that was intimidating to me.

I quickly learned that skill doesn’t just happen to those people. They work for it. But, there was one quality about them that excelled their ability to perform well in their work… Belief. Belief in their abilities and confidence in their worth.

You see, no one starts their career at the top. No one wakes up one morning and has all the skill in the world to succeed.

It is the day to day persistence in education and practice that creates a highly effective and talented worker. It takes getting back up right after you fail and not letting the guilt or humiliation stop you from trying again. It takes extra investment in your skill to get better.

So what did belief do for me?

I will be honest, I didn’t gain this belief in myself on my own. With the help of others around me who were supporting and encouraging me, I began speaking truth to myself every day. Truths like “if you want it, you have to go get it” , “skill comes with practice so keep practicing” , “perfection is not attainable, but you can still succeed”, “believe what others are saying about your skill”, just to name a few.

Once I started believing in myself and identifying what it truly takes to become great at what I do, I had the motivation to get after it. I began paying for continued education, taking all the extra steps to get the results I wanted in a service, watching the YouTube videos, experimenting and getting out of my comfort zone, and putting in the work where I would reap the most benefit.

No matter what career you have chosen, there will come a day, if you haven’t already experienced it, where you will doubt your ability to succeed and you will doubt your skill. But if you can prepare yourself well for that knowing that success starts will belief, you can stop the stumbling blocks before they come.



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