My Favorite Hair Tie

Scrunchies used to simply be an “accessory” for me and have quickly turned into a necessity!

It is fun to see the different styles that have come back “in” from years past.. I mean don’t you agree that scrunchies were a total 80’s and 90’s thing?

But, let’s get into why I love them so much and consider them as a “necessity”.

As you know, scrunchies are essentially an elastic with a fabric covering. They come in many different colors, styles and fabrics.

The fabric that is covering the elastic provides a barrier or a “cushion” for your hair.

This cushion serves a couple different purposes: It provides your hair with extra protection so that the tension from the elastic is not pulling or tearing your strands, and it also helps avoid kinks or dents in your hair after putting it up in a pony tail or bun.

It is very gentle while still providing enough hold and support.

Elastics are known to cause breakage and damage to your hair.

As a stylist, I can usually tell when looking at someone’s hair if they use elastics regularly because there tends to be more obvious breakage right in that area.

There are a few other types of “specially made” hair ties to avoid damaging the hair, but scrunchies, in my opinion, beat them all for style.

There are so many different options and colors out there. You can really get creative!

I usually add them to almost every outfit as a “pop of color”. I am not much of a jewelry person, so I feel like my scrunchies make up for that!

These are just a few of my very favorites and you can believe that I will be adding to this collection as the years go on!

Companies that sell cute scrunchies:

Sephora , Shein , Lululemon – These specific scrunchies pictured were made local

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