My Favorite Quarantine Things

During this time of isolation, I have learned so much about the things that I love to do to stay healthy and thriving. This includes a handful of product favorites varying all the way from hair, to makeup, to body and lifestyle.

This list has truly made this time enjoyable for me and has kept me feeling beautiful, physically and mentally!

I thought I would share with you each one of those products and link them as well so that they are easy for you to access if you choose!

Let’s start with makeup!

First things first, I have been crazy about this lip combo! I have been layering Mac Matte Lip Stick in the shade 631 Yash and Beauty Counter Bare Shimmer lip gloss to achieve a soft, everyday nude lip!

I am not much of a lipstick girl so for me to love this combo says something about it. If you are like me and you like more of a natural lip, these two colors have been perfect for that!

(Keep scrolling to see a photo of this lip combo on!)

Moving on to mascara, I recently ordered Bad Gal Bang Volumizing Mascara and I am just a little… okay A LOT obsessed.

I have the hardest time finding a mascara that makes my eyelashes look full. I am not a fake eyelash girl and I am so pleased to have found a mascara that makes me feel like I don’t even need fake lashes for my eyes to pop!

Here you can see both my eyelashes and lips with all three of my favorite products applied!

To round off my favorite makeup products, I am going to introduce to you my new all time favorite eye palette – NAKED Honey Eye Palette !

I got this as a gift for Christmas and I won’t lie, it took me two months of it sitting until I decided to be brave and try something new. I have no idea why I didn’t use it earlier because WOW! I am so pleased!

If you like warm, shimmery, glittery, and yet still natural brown and gold tones, it is pretty much heaven in a palette.

Moving on to hair, accessories are important. Right? If you are going to invest in ONE accessory for your hair, I have the one for you- SCRUNCHIES!

Not only are these easier on your hair, but they are cute and fashionable and they have the ability to make a plain, boring ponytail or bun turn into a fashionable addition to your outfit.

These are my current favorites but unfortunately, I can’t link these exact ones because they were made by a friend who doesn’t sell them on any platform. But you can find adorable scrunchies online at Sephora, American Eagle, Etsy, Lululemon, etc.

After all, is said and done, the habits I practice at home to take care of my body and mind are far more important than the way I look, so I have to mention a few products that have really been keeping me healthy and sane.

Deep Blue Rub is for all the aches and pains. It temporarily relieves my back and neck pain and it really helps to relax my muscles.

Lavender Essential Oil has been my best friend at night. I rub it on my chest and behind my ears and it truly helps me fall asleep quicker and get a better night’s sleep.

What I love about this company, Doterra, is that they live up to a high standard when it comes to the sourcing of their products as well as all of the ingredients that go in them. It is all-natural and reliable and I can be confident in what I am breathing in and slathering on my body.

I am so happy to have these products in a stressful time such as this!

This might look like a strange favorite to have, but if you work out in any way whether you run or lift or bike, whatever it is YOU NEED THIS.

Trigger Point Foam Roller

Our muscles get so tight and I don’t think you realize just how tight they get until you roll on one of these.

It really works to loosen up tight and sore muscles and helps you to recover faster.

This one is made to really hit on those trigger points and release any knots you might have.

I highly highly recommend.

I hope you find this blog helpful! I have linked all of these products for you so you can check them out yourself!

These are my current favorites and each one of them is contributing to my sanity in one way or another during this time of Covid-19!

Until next time beauties,


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