My Nighttime Must Have Skin Care Tool

You’ve heard me talk about my favorite skin care products on here before. Im pretty much obsessed with what I am currently using.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, go ahead and check it out here. But there is one tool I haven’t shared with you guys that I use every night, without fail.

When I was a year out of high school, I began experiencing skin issues for the first time. Now, I wouldn’t say my skin was ever chronically bad, but I was experiencing way more breakouts than ever before.

I went in for a facial and was recommended the Clarisonic Mia as a daily tool to help exfoliate my skin. If you have never heard of this tool, it is a chargeable device that has an exfoliating brush head attached that vibrates as you cleanse your skin.

Within a month or so, my face began to clear up and this is before switching to high quality products.

Before using the clarisonic, I just wasn’t cleaning my face well enough.

There were layers and layers of makeup and dirt that were repeatedly left on my face which was causing my skin to react and break out.

What is even crazier to think about is that when I would wash my face with a makeup wipe, I still wouldn’t get all the makeup off even if it looked like I did. I figured that out when I began using the Clarisonic and saw that there was still tons of makeup coming off even after using a makeup wipe.

So, how do these brushes actually work to prevent breakouts and help keep your skin from early signs of aging?

The bristles on this brush combined with the soft vibration work to lift and remove excess debris from the skin. It just simply is not enough to massage facial cleanser into your skin!

The way I use this brush is, every night, once I have removed majority of my makeup, I will rinse my face with warm water to begin opening up my pores.

I will then apply my cleanser and gently massage into my skin. Before rinsing, I will wet my Clarisonic with warm water and massage all around my face for 30 seconds or more. 

I choose to use this tool every night rather than the morning because after a full day of wearing makeup, I like to make sure I am going to bed with super clean skin.

Now, all of this being said, the specific brand of the brush I use is no longer in business. However, I have done all my research and found an alternative brand that offers the same product, possibly even better quality, and it is called Vanity Planet. I am linking their Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush here so you can go check it out yourself.

I highly recommend this tool as an investment you should make for your skin especially if you struggle with breakouts.

It may just be that your skin is not getting clean enough!

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