New Loves and Simple Joys Because Quarantine

Am I the only one who picked up a few new loves and simple joys while stuck at home for two months?

I thought it would be fun to share with you these new loves, or better yet “reignited loves” of mine that have quickly become simple joys.

I have grown mentally and emotionally through this time and I do give credit to investing into learning, growing, and thriving in these areas.

First things first, I have a newfound love for working out at home.

For years I swore I wouldn’t give up my gym time. It was time I had for myself every morning alone to take care of my body and get away from reality.

About 2 weeks into quarantine, I started to love the simple act of waking up, getting dressed and brushing my teeth, and walking right into the next room to get my workout in.

Being a consistent person with consistent goals, change in this area certainly required the mandatory stay home order to open my eyes. I needed to experience for myself how working out from home was just as good, if not better.

I am so thankful for this change of mindset because it feels so freeing. Can you relate?

Do we have any bakers out there?? More specifically sourdough bakers?

I never thought that I would be able to begin and succeed at sourdough baking. (I will write a post on my sourdough journey so more on that to come)

What I know to be true is that sourdough baking is fulfilling, and it is also a process that teaches valuable life lessons, crazy enough! You heard me… baking bread can teach you life lessons!

A couple things I have learned… patience is everything and creating success does not always happen over night.

Sourdough bread isn’t just a recipe you throw in the bread machine and boom, you have fluffy bread. Not only does the “starter” for sourdough take awhile to produce, but even the individual loaves of bread take a couple of days before they see the heat of the oven.

I thoroughly enjoy creating bread from scratch.

I also value knowing what every single ingredient is, that is in the bread my husband and I eat. Additionally, it is a sweet feeling getting to play a crucial role in feeding my family.

No more store bread buying for us!

In addition to sourdough bread, I have loved baking treats with my sourdough discard!

Just for drooling effects… here’s the scone again…

Do you want one yet?

If you are not educated on how sourdough works, this is a living creature that requires daily feedings.. I know, sounds weird!

But it is actually really cool because that is what enables it to keep growing and fermenting.

Every time you feed a sourdough starter, you also have to discard half of it, so instead of throwing the discard away, it can be used for other baking needs.

I have been using it to bake scones (husbands favorite), pancakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, muffins, and crackers. It is such a joy to know that nothing goes to waste and I get to create tasty treats.

Speaking of my husband, we have fallen in love with being outside, going on walks, and enjoying the sun, mountains, and trees.

I would say we can all agree that without the ability to be outside and go for walks, we would have all gone stir crazy…I thrived on these walks.

What a sweet season to have no other obligations and simply enjoy movement, good health, and nature.

All in all, quarantine was nothing but good for me. It gave a much needed break and opened eyes to a lot of things I would have not known otherwise about myself, goals, desires, and simple joys.

What about you? What do you now count as a simple joy that you didn’t prior to this mandatory time at home?

Drop a comment below because I want to hear!

Until Next time,



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