On The Days I Don’t Wash My Hair I…

Washing my hair comes as a very rare occasion these days. I have had to establish an easy routine that never fails to freshen it up so I can avoid the dreaded time commitment of a fresh wash and style too often.

I know it is it difficult to come across a good dry shampoo and it can also be hard to keep our ends looking shiny and healthy when we go days without a fresh wash and condition, which is why I want to share these tips with you!

I focus on three things when trying to keep my hair looking and feeling clean: the roots, the ends, and the hairline.

I’m going to list off my go to routine to get the most longevity out of my style:

1. When I wash my hair, I generally curl it on the first day to give it a good base to try to maintain for a few days.

2. I avoid brushing my whole head, but I will gently brush right around my hairline and the very ends of my hair before bed and in the morning just to get rid of any kinks that might be there.

3. After smoothing my hairline gently with my brush, I will take my flat iron and straighten any kinks around my face that have developed from sleep or just a day’s wear.

4. After that, I will move on to dry shampoo. I have been really loving Maria Nila Invisdry Shampoo as of late. I like to spray my roots generously, let it sit for a couple of minutes until it is dry, and then I will rub it all in with my fingers and brush the rest through to ensure even distribution.

5. At this point, my ends tend to look a bit frizzy and dry. I will go ahead and apply Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil to my ends which not only adds shine and moisture, but it also helps revive my curls from the day prior!

I know I am not the only one who doesn’t want to wash my hair every day!

So, you may need to make adjustments to this routine to fit your hair, but it might be worth trying to make these habits and see if your hair adapts.

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