Should I Tell My Stylist If I Don’t Like My Hair?

Let’s be honest… We haven’t always walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks… Like your stylist just nailed the end result right on the head and couldn’t ever possibly fall short of your expectations.

So what happens when your stylist falls “short” of your expectations? Should you tell her?

Here are some causes for this occurrence and some things to think through if this ever happens to you:

During the consultation, identify whether or not there was clear communication about what you wanted.

By this I mean, did you show her pictures? Did you point out what you do (or don’t) like about the pictures? Were you completely honest with the current state of your hair? Did you actually know what you wanted or were you indecisive?

Most importantly, did the professional (your stylist) ask you specific questions? Did she analyze the picture, educate you on the look, and confirm the technique she wanted to use? Did she tell you it was possible or did she tell you it was going to be a “journey” to get you there..?

If all of these things happened, the chances of her not executing the service are small.

I find most issues go wrong right from the beginning during the consultation. It isn’t up to you to guide your stylist through that, but your job is simply to be honest about the things you do and don’t like and what is currently on your hair.

Now, if you were on the same page before she began the service and all of the steps above were performed and still the results were not what was talked about, then this is where I would say first, sleep on it. Play with it for a day or two and truly identify what you don’t like about it.

If you are still unhappy with it, I would then graciously approach your stylist via private phone call or text message and let her know your concerns. If the stylist truly cares about you and their work, they will be more than happy to have a conversation whether that be right there on the phone or in the salon.

Often times, ego can get in the way and stylists won’t respond appropriately. But if this conversation is approached the right way and the stylist truly cares about you as a client, you should be able to make a game plan going forward on what will need to be done.

On the other hand, if the end result was just as you had chatted about before the service and you simply decided that you were regretful of your decision, that is not up to your stylist to “fix”.

That is up to you to either rebook with her right away and pay full price for new hair, wait it out awhile and then rebook, or book with someone else if you are that unhappy.

Ultimately these conversations are never easy to have. We really do need to be gracious with one another. We should understand that we are all human and need room for error. Ultimately, hair can always be fixed.

Lastly, and most importantly, our hair does not define who we are nor does it have much impact on anyone around us.

What is most important and will leave the most impact is how we treat one another and speak to (and ABOUT) each other.

Keeping relationships strong and respecting one another is far more fulfilling then letting our emotions from disappointment get the best of us.



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