Stocking Stuffers For Him

Buying for the men in our life can be quite the challenge. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time even identifying the difference between two different tools so as you can imagine, I struggle!

But I have news for you… I have done some brainstorming and research as well as received a little bit of help from my hubby, to bring you a list of ideas for this year’s stocking stuffers!

Hope it helps!

1. Travel Shaving Kit

Every man’s gotta shave!… Okay most men 😉 Buying your gentlemen a travel case might come in real handy to keep their shaving materials organized on their next trip!

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

Viking Beard Brand Shaving Kit

2. Plain T-Shirts

White, black, ivory, navy blue… You know, all the colors that go with everything! Men seem to like to have these on hand to either wear under flannels and jackets or by themselves and you can never have too many!

Soft-Washed Crew Neck Tee

Amazon Gilden Mens 5-Pack Crew T-Shirt

3. Ice Breaker Wool Hiking Socks

If your man is anything like mine, he will love a great hiking sock. Ice Breaker is an awesome, reliable brand with sweet designs as well as plain hikers.

Merion Hike+ Heavy Crew Socks

4. Magazine (sports, biking, wood working, etc.)

Magazines are new and exciting, they provide some education, and they are certainly not something that is typically purchased for fun! It is a great gift.

5. Hiking Guide (for your area)

Again, if you man is anything like mine and they like to hike, they will appreciate a little help in the research department. Finding a local hiking map or book of sorts will be much appreciated to have on hand!

6. Candy

This is a no brainer! The way to a man’s heart is their stomach so find out their favorite candy and load em up!

7. Soap

This is an easy way to support a local business! Buying your gentleman a nice bar or bottle of handmade soap is a great little stocking stuffer! Plus, we all want them to smell good so, yes… I’d take this opportunity.

8. Coffee to go Mug

If your man like tea or coffee, grabbing a quality to go cup would be a fantastic and useful gift!

Arctic Tumblers Stainless Steel

9. Phone Case

Let’s help those guys keep their phones safe and offer some help in the phone case department! There are some very reasonably priced cases and there are also some higher end cases that come with a portable charger! Whatever fits your budget, go with that!

10. Phone Glass Screen Cover

If they don’t already have a glass screen cover, this is a great gift. If they do, it may be cracked and they could benefit from a new one!

11. Beard Wax

I will say that I would not have thought of this one myself, but thanks to my husband who has a newfound love for growing out his facial hair, I was informed that this would be a great gift!

Cedarwood Beard Balm Rocky Mountain Barber Company

12. Beard Brush

Again, not something I would have thought about myself, but as my husband’s infant knowledge of beard hair product expands, this one is apparently ideal! I will say, if you want the beard to appear somewhat clean, this is needed. 😉

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush

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