The Money Piece

Have you heard of it by now? The booming trend, that is, the highly acceptable and in fact greatly desired “money piece”?

Another way to describe this trend is the addition of face framing highlights.

This is a beautiful technique and a great addition to most color services. I am going to explain the purpose of it and different ways you can incorporate it into your style if you so desire.

Face framing highlights are essentially extra brightness right around the face.

This typically means brightening the hairline starting right above your ears and all the way up to your natural part.

The purpose is to draw attention to these front pieces by adding brightness. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the light, so it is usually a very pretty addition to either your balayage or whatever your desired hair color is.

There are a couple ways to wear it- some choose to have their facial framing highlights right up to the root and others like it to look subtly grown out. My advice when it comes to making a decision on this is to identify how long you want to go between appointments to bring these pieces back up. If you want to extend the style as long as possible, I suggest a mini root. Give it some time to grow out so that you don’t feel as though you have to come in often. Otherwise, if you want to keep maximum brightness and come in every 6-8 weeks for a mini root touch up, I highly recommend!

Another way to wear it, is to tone it to whatever desired level of lightness you want. So, if you want to add a money piece to your dark hair, toning it down to a darker level that is only slightly lighter than the rest of your hair might be best option to allow for a better blend.

Just because you have these face framing highlights does not mean that they have to be bright platinum blonde. They can be a light brown or a beige blonde or even a rich, caramel brown.

One of the best parts of adding a money piece to your style is that it doesn’t take much else to make you feel like you got a full head of new color. It has an effect on the hair that makes it look “fresh” and “new”.

This is a style that is versatile and can be fitted to your individual needs and desires. If you are looking to add something new to your color, maybe consider starting here!

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