The Truth About Blonde

I do a lot of blonding services in the salon. Because of this, I have seen a lot that I think would be of value to you whether you are blonde, going blonde, or want to be blonde.

First things first, I am a huge fan. I think light and bright colors draw our eyes in and by adding some lightness to your color, you are gaining such a fun addition to your hair style.

Secondly, I think it is important to know that blonde takes some sacrifice and commitment as well.

Blonde is fun because it can be done in a way that blends nicely with your natural color and in a way that is easy to maintain as far as the grow out goes.

Blonde can also be high maintenance if you are wanting a type of blonde that is completely contrary to your natural underlying dominant pigments. And yes, this factor matters!

95% of the time going blonde is accomplished one way- by adding bleach to the hair and stripping out all of its natural pigment as well as any added pigment that is on the hair through previous color services.

When bleach is added to the hair, not only is it stripping the hair of color pigment, but it is also stripping the hair of oil and protein. Which is why blondes often complain about having “dry hair” or “breakage”.

Now, being a stylist who often performs blonde services, not every head of hair is created equal when it comes to how strong the hair is and how well it will hold up with bleach. Whether it be previously damaged hair or virgin hair each head will need to be treated differently to maintain maximum integrity.

It is so important to know, accept, and commit not only to patience with the process of lightening, but also at home maintenance for your hair’s health after a blonding service.

We are all naïve if we think adding bleach to the hair is creating no damage at all. It is an unfortunate reality but there are also plenty of ways to replenish the hair and get it back to full health.

A few ways to do this are 1) spread your bleaching appointments out far enough to let the hair recover between them and 2) use at home products that are nourishing on the hair, full of protein and hydration and 3) limit heat usage on the hair.

If your hair is already compromised and your goal is to have long healthy hair, I highly recommend making the decision to slow down the process of lightening and be patient with it. No stylist will magically get you blonde without some slight compromise of the hair’s full health.

In an effort to prevent breakage, this is where, as a stylist, it is our priority to have clear communication with you as the client, from the beginning, on what the process should look like based off of the current state of your hair and goals, so that there is no misunderstanding.

So, if you are already blonde or you are wanting to go blonde, make sure you are prepared for these things:

  1. Own hair masks and use them diligently- You NEED to perform a hair mask at least 2x a month (I would recommend more) to ensure you are properly hydrating your blonde hair
  2. Be Patient- Not everyone’s hair will hold up well with bleaching services and therefore some may be longer processes then others
  3. Accept that your hair may grow a little slower- unfortunately, bleach comes with sacrifices and one of those is that your hair is having to fight a lot harder for growth against breakage.

Every good thing comes with a little sacrifice am I right? Let’s all do our part for healthy, beautiful hair! 

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