The Truth About Hair Products

Countless times I am asked “what hair product do you recommend to prevent my hair from doing x,y,z, or what product would change this about my hair?”

And for many years, when I first begun as a stylist, I tried so hard to give my clients an answer… a product that would solve all of their problems!

It’s time to tell the truth about hair products…

98% of the time, the product alone is not going to solve your hair problems and it may just be the hair you have been given. It might just be time to embrace it!

There is no miracle cream out there to get rid of frizz.

There is no smoothing serum that is going to make your hair dry completely straight like Pinterest perfect hair.

There is no volumizing spray that is going to give your fine hair the volume you will find on someone that has gobs of hair.

There is no shampoo and conditioner that is going to make your straight hair curly.

I am sorry, and I hate to say it, but effort is involved when it comes to attaining the hair you truly want.

Often times we want what we don’t have, and therefore, if we truly want a specific desired end result, we have to be willing to put a little bit of effort in.

Now, all of that to say, I do believe that there are many products out there that HELP in reaching your hair goals.

I do believe there are smoothing creams that help to tame frizz. I do believe there are shampoos and conditioners that contribute to your hairs ability to lay how you want it when you have styled it. I know this because I have seen it!

But I also know that companies will market their products as “miracle workers” till they are blue in the face and it just isn’t realistic… at all.

Look at hair products as a tool. A tool to make your life just a little bit easier when you find the right one.

Look at them as an aid in the process of getting your desired end result.

Products work. And they are designed to help us achieve beautiful hair. But they are not designed to do all the work on their own.

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