This Kitchen Item Earned a Spot on my Counter

If you are like me, you like a clean counter space. It’s not often that a kitchen gadget makes the cut to sit out in the open.

Typically, they are stored away until their next use, but not this one.

No, this one made the cut for a permanent spot on my countertop. The reason why I decided this is because it will definitely be used for just about every single dinner.

And let’s be honest, it’s a really good looking machine.

Ninja Air Fryer

Have you heard about it? Have you tried it?

I have been wanting one of these machines for quite some time. On several occasions I have been tempted to buy a less costly air fryer and just call it a day, but I have continued to hold out for my Ninja.

Mostly because I have heard raving reviews about it…Now I know why.

In the time of waiting for the real deal, I borrowed a friends older air fryer just to give it a try and see if the results were as good as I know they would be with the Ninja.

Long story short, after 35 minutes of cooking, my potatoes were still hard, they were dry, and I just wasn’t thrilled.

With that kind of result, I wasn’t exactly stoked about the idea of an air fryer anymore.

But, shortly after Christmas, I saw a Ninja air fryer come up for sale on the marketplace brand new in the box that was bought at a sale price and was therefore being sold for the same sale price.

I jumped on it and it was worth every single penny.

To give you an idea of how handy this machine is to have, homemade fries that you would typically bake in the oven for 45-50 minutes, take 20 minutes to cook and crisp right up in the Ninja.

Additionally, no matter what you are making, it hardly takes any oil (and really, it isn’t necessary to use any at all) to create an even, brown, crispy finish. Veggies, meat, potatoes, you name it you can cook it in this.

So far, I have made homemade French fries in it, crispy chicken tenders, roasted broccoli, and crispy fried zucchini…Are you drooling yet?!

You guys, if you have been wanting one of these you have to get one. I highly recommend the Ninja. I am sure that there are some others out there that work amazing, but I am going to be bias and say that this one is the best.

I plan to make just about everything I can in this air fryer… Burgers, meatballs, sweet potato fries, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc!

If you choose to invest in this Ninja Air Fryer, I can guarantee your money will be well spent!

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