Viewing Beauty Through A Different Lense

In a world that idolizes physical features, body types, hairstyle, face structure, and everything in between, I want to let you in on a more satisfying lense in which you can view your beauty.

It is far too easy to be identified with the way we look or by the way we think others perceive us.

Fortunately, our identity is made up of so much more than our exterior, because our physical features are constantly changing.

I can’t sit back and contribute to a blog that is mainly centered around enhancing beauty without truly nailing down the foundation of where I am coming from as a hair artist and lover of all things beauty.

You may have seen it, you may have not, but my tagline as a hairstylist is “enhancing natural beauty”.

There is a key word in my tagline that means everything and that word is “natural”.

We are all born with very unique, natural features that make up the whole of our external beauty. We can’t and shouldn’t completely change what we have been given. Instead, when viewing beauty and cosmetics, we should focus on how we can “enhance” what we have!

I believe our Maker made no mistakes when creating us. But He also gives us the freedom to enjoy the pleasures of this life and undoubtedly, cosmetics and all things beauty ought to be enjoyed.

We have the freedom to do our hair, our makeup, take care of our skin, create a lifestyle that we enjoy, but let’s take care of that freedom!

Let’s use it to the best of our abilities and while we have fun enhancing our beauty, let’s not forget the beauty found in the uniqueness of our individual features.

So again, in a world that idolizes the way we look, lets set the new standard for beauty… The attractiveness of a woman who is confident in her own skin and seeks to grow in that confidence is much more lasting and impactful than someone who is discontent in all things beauty and just wants a complete remake.

When we have confidence in how we were created and we truly believe our Maker made no mistakes, it lends itself to fuller, richer, and more satisfying life.

We can rest in beauty that is far more meaningful then that of which we have to work for.

Let’s step up and be these women. New women. Confident women in a world that is completely and utterly discontent in all things.

Sending all the love and confidence your way.

Until next time,



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