What Is The Point Of A Haircut Anyway?

Last week on my Instagram stories, I busted the myth that says “regular trims will make your hair grow faster”. False.

Why? Because our hair grows from our roots so how in the world would a haircut to our ends make the roots grow faster?

The truth about why haircuts are helpful to the length of your hair is because once our hair starts to split, it splits all the way up the strand leaving our ends looking straggly, thin, and ultimately “shorter”.

When we trim our hair, it prevents and gets rid of split ends, leaving our hair looking fuller, thicker, and ultimately longer. That long, luscious hair you want will only come with regular trims.

So at what point do we need a haircut and why?

The timeframe in which any one person would go between haircuts is totally dependent on their specific goals, hair texture, and specific haircut.

Hair Goals and Specific Haircuts

Let explain this with a couple of examples:

You have medium to long hair, but you still aren’t satisfied with the length. You want to maintain as much length as you possibly can while also keeping it looking healthy. For you, I would recommend getting haircuts every 8-12 weeks. This will allow you to keep the most amount of length, cutting only about ½-1” off the ends, in order to maintain the health while still allowing progress with growth. If you wait longer than that, chances are high you will need to take more length off making you feel as though you lost the progress you’ve made!

Say you have a cute, short blunt bob and you really like it that way. You prefer the blunt ends, the sharp edges, the clean cut… You will need to plan to get a regular cut every 6-8 weeks to manage that cut and keep it looking how you prefer.

Another example would be the short pixie cut. I am going to go as far as to say that my pixies tend to come in every 4 weeks. That length and cut requires precise trims to keep it looking clean and trendy. The grow out of a pixie is a whole different ball game.

You can see from these examples that the time frame varies based off the haircut and your specific goals. But all in all, the goal is to keep our hair healthy and avoid going too long without a cleanup.

Hair Texture

Depending on the texture of your hair, you may either need to come in more often for a little lightening up off the load OR you may need to avoid super regular cuts to maintain the health of your texture.

My girls with thick hair… you are the ones who I usually like to see come in every 6-8 weeks no matter what, to remove some weight and retexture your hair. Your hair tends to lose its shape much faster due to the density that is there.

If you have fine curly hair, you should avoid excessive cuts as too much might cause you to feel as though to just keep losing hair and it never quite catches up! It may also begin to feel like it keeps getting thinner which is a long, hard journey to restore.

I suggest you talk to your stylist about your hair and ask for an honest recommendation from them. Take these tips as education and guidance but trust your stylist as they know your hair much better than I could!



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