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When 2020 hit and quarantine first happened, I picked up the art and hobby of fresh sourdough baking. I needed something to fill my days and give me a sense of productivity.

If you have been around here for awhile, you will know this!

When I had more time on my hands, I talked about it quite a bit, but since going back to work, I haven’t shared much. So, I thought heck, I am going to give you guys an update!

I’m still going at it strong. In fact, I haven’t bought a single loaf of bread from the store since I began. Every week I bake two fresh loaves and we usually end up pre-cutting them right away and storing them in the freezer!

We eat a lot of bread around here so surprisingly, none of it goes to waste and we go through about a loaf and a half per week!

I was making a new batch every Sunday, but it has now turned into Monday! If you aren’t familiar with the sourdough process, it takes a whole day to create the dough and let it rise so I usually store mine in the refrigerator and bake the next morning.

What I love about sourdough is that I know exactly what is in the bread we are eating, it is easily digestible, and it equals out to be about .30 cents a loaf! Can you believe how much money we are saving?!

I still love to create designs in my sourdough, however more often than not recently, I have been sticking to the quick and easy designs that I am comfortable with due to rushed timing.

I look back on “quarantine times” and am so thankful for all the spare time we had to just be present in every moment, forget the rush of life’s demands for a while and enjoy the gift of being home.

One of my favorite hobbies was formed during this time, sourdough baking, and I am so thankful for all it has taught me!

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