Which Hair Products To Bring On Vacation

If you are like me, then you may have accumulated several hair care products overtime that you use circumstantially depending on the day, activity, and even the state of your hair.

You may also understand the struggle of packing to go on vacation… How do you choose which products to bring, and which ones to leave at home?

I found this decision a little more difficult then I thought so I figured it would be helpful to share with you my top choices so that you can plan accordingly for your next vacation.

1. Heat Protectant

When determining which products to bring, you really have to think “health” of the hair first.

Bringing a good heat protectant with you should not be neglected and could very well be, in my opinion, the most important.

This is going to act as a good barrier if you are going somewhere hot and spending lots of time outside in the sun.

If not, you will still want to use this before styling your hair with heat.

Using a heat protectant out of the shower will help protect your hair from of all forms of heat damage.

What I use:

Maria Nila Quick Dry Heat Spray

2. Leave In Conditioner and Dry Oil

Again, I am thinking health. Not only will this product also act as a barrier to sun damage (and other toxins in the air), but it will ensure your hair is getting plenty of moisture when you are away.

While on vacation, a leave in conditioner and dry oil will ensure your hair is staying hydrated.

Another bonus of bringing this product along is, if you are swimming a lot, whether it be in a lake, the ocean, or a pool, you can spray this in and it will allow for easier brushing.

Our hair is the most delicate when it is wet so it is important that we are not just yanking through the tangles with a brush.

What I use:

Maria Nila True Soft Argan Oil & Malibu Leave In Mist Conditioner

3. Dry Shampoo

In addition to thinking “health” first, you should also think convenience.

If your hair is anything like mine, it takes FOREVER to blow dry. When I am on vacation and there are others around me either waiting for the shower or bathroom or simply waiting to leave, I don’t want to hold them up.

I try to strategically plan my “hair wash” days when I am in no rush and no one is waiting. But every day in between requires a good dry shampoo to get me by.

Not only that, but this product is easily versatile and can be used as either dry shampoo or texture spray.

For the days I style my hair, I can use this to aid in volume and a slightly better hold for my curls.

What I use:

Monat Dry Shampoo & Bedhead O Bee Hive Dry Shampoo

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

Finally, if you are going on a long vacation, this is clearly a must have. Don’t neglect either one of these products as they are essential for your scalp hygiene and hairs moisture.

What I use:

Maria Nila Shampoo and Conditioner

There you have it…the four most important products, in my opinion, that I recommend you bring with you on your next vacation.

No, it isn’t luxury like we get at home, but it is going to cover the most important basics which are the health and convenience of your hair during vacation.

Hopefully this can prevent overwhelm for you as you plan your next vacation!

Pack light and pack smart!

Until next time,



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