Which Haircut Is Right For You? Part 1

There is certainly something to be said about choosing a haircut that is not only best for your hair type, but also, choosing a haircut that best compliments your features.

If you have followed me here or on Instagram for any length of time, you will know I speak to “enhancing what you have already been given” often, because I think it is important to embrace what we have rather than try to change it. We are all uniquely made, and I like to encourage being content in that.

I am splitting this blog post into two parts because there is quite a bit of little details to cover, under two main talking points, regarding how to determine the haircut that might be best for you.

The two main talking points in regard to choosing a haircut are first, determining your face shape and which haircuts will enhance that, and secondly, what your hairs texture is and how that should influence your decision on a haircut.

Today, we are going to talk about face shapes.

There are six main face shapes: diamond, oval, round, rectangular, square, and heart.


With a diamond face shape, you will find the cheek bones are more prominent while the chin and forehead are narrower. Some would say their chin is “pointy”, their forehead is narrow, and their cheek bones are the widest part on their face.


Oval face shapes usually appear longer in shape then they are wide and the forehead is typically the widest part of the face.


Need I explain a round face? Soft angles, overall pretty equal in width and length, and usually the cheeks are the most prominent feature!


Usually those with rectangular shaped faces are longer faces with a pretty even width of their forehead and jaw line.


Square face shapes are generally pretty equal in width and length and the jaw line is usually very defined.


If you have a heart shaped face, you will notice that your forehead is significantly wider than your chin. Your chin is very narrow, and the shape resembles that of an inverted triangle.

If you want to identify which face shape you have before we move on, I am going to share a trick that I once learned.

You will want to stand close to a mirror with a dry erase marker and draw an outline of your face on the mirror. Step back and identify which parts of your face are more prominent. When you do this, you should be able to identify the shape of your face!

Moving on to which haircuts to consider:


If you have a diamond face shape, the prominence of your cheek bones should be accentuated. A way to do this with a haircut is to add some shortness of length around the face, whether it be in the form of longer bangs or tapered facial framing, so that it draws attention to that uniquely beautiful feature. Diamond shaped faces can pull off long or short hair, but short, blunt hair looks stunning!


Oval face shapes are what you would call the “standard” or easiest face shape to work with. Because of its overall soft features, you can accentuate whichever feature you would like. If you want to draw attention to your jawline, choosing a short, blunt bob might be your best option. If you want to draw attention to your cheek bones, perhaps a short to medium length cut with facial framing is your ideal cut. If you don’t really want to draw attention to any one spot, keep your hair longer and add some medium length layers.


Longer hair or angled cuts that are longer in the front work great with round face shapes. Often, those with round face shapes would like to add length to their face. This is when longer cuts will come to the rescue. It causes your face to appear longer in shape. Adding some side “swoopy” bangs can also help with this.


Because the rectangular face shape has a lot of sharp facial features, softening these features is typically the goal. With that being said, you can add soft layers, shaping around the face, texture to create movement and volume, and even add soft fringe pieces in the front!


Similar to the rectangular shape, you’ll want to focus on softening the prominent features of a square face. Add some soft texture and create volume to soften lines.


Because the heart shaped face has a larger, more prominent forehead in comparison to the chin, a good option here would be to add bangs! Front, feathered fringe with a cute blunt bob would add a great touch to this face shape.

Now that you have some clear ways to identify your personal face shape and some haircut ideas for each shape, you can make a more educated decision!

When you look at Pinterest pictures of haircuts that you like, keep your own personal features in mind so that you are able to make the best decision for you!

Nothing is off limits, but these are all great starting points when it comes time to make a decision.

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