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Why I Chose Madeline Moves (part 1)

I’m often asked what workouts I follow and how I stay so motivated to keep at it, which to my pleasant surprise, opened up an opportunity for me to brag on the program that I have now been following for 2 years and am completely hooked on.

Let’s start with how it started…. 

An innocent scroll through my Instagram feed led me to Madeline’s page. It didn’t take long for me to be intrigued on what she offered.

Initially, I wasn’t sold on the app, but I was totally hooked on her page and the educational information she so genuinely shared with all of her followers.

But let’s back up a little bit…

At this time in my fitness journey, I was just beginning to be consistent with a morning trip to the gym.

However, there was truly no rhyme or reason to my workouts. I was taking a little bit from here and a little bit from there, putting it all together and hoping for good results.

In addition to that, the mindset behind my workouts was punishment rather than empowerment and shame rather than perspective.

I lacked the education, so I wasn’t working out for good reasons and I wasn’t seeing any progress. Go figure!

Initially when I started following Madeline, I would take little bits from the preview workouts she would post and follow those alone. I loved the intensity and structure of the workouts, but I just wasn’t ready to commit.

For about a year and a half, I convinced myself that I was getting “enough” from the previews. Boy, was I ever wrong about that!

See, there is so much more about my journey using Madeline’s Weekly Moves Workouts than simply purchasing an app, following a workout, seeing results, and moving on.

I have learned more from Madeline in the 2 years of purchasing her app than I ever did in the 10+ years of sports, school related training, and individual time in the gym.

Madeline is the true definition of a leader. She cares about our physical health, but even more than that, she cares about our emotional and mental health in regard to how we think about and prioritize our fitness goals.

Okay so I could clearly go on and on about how much I love Madeline’s program, but let’s back up to when I first made a Madeline purchase.

The first investment I made into Madeline’s workouts was an 8-week program called “Move. Sweat. Shred. 8 Week Workout Plan”. I wanted to give 8 weeks of Madeline’s work a go, at a reasonable price, and just see where it took me.

4 weeks into this program I was convinced that I loved the workouts, but I noticed I was missing the community aspect of what Madeline offers. I was seeing it in her stories on Instagram as she was chatting about these workouts that so many people seemed to be doing right alongside her “on the app”.

This is a great time to add that what makes Madeline so unique to any other online instructor or creator of fitness programs is that she does every single workout with us.

Not only does she follow her own weekly moves workouts, but she also commentates on them in her Instagram stories and within the app through video and educational verbiage.

This is not a program in which you feel alone and are left wondering how valuable this actually is to your fitness goals.

She, the leader, the professional, and the brains behind it, is walking with you hand in hand, doing every single workout the same.

You get to see the possibilities through her own life and experience.

Back to the community aspect, every day when I would go to do my workout, I would first see Madeline’s stories where she was giving glimpses of her morning workout and discussing different aspects of it with the community whether it be educational tips on form and effectiveness or just simply chatting about the mutual soreness everyone was feeling!

So, I decided what the heck, I am jumping in and I purchased the app in full for a year.

You may be wondering, what comes with the app?

You get 100% access to 5 new workouts every week of the year that you, Madeline, and thousands of others perform together.

These workouts are intentionally formulated to allow for progressive overload as well as modification is any way you might need.

Madeline has videoed every single exercise she has you do and has embedded it in the app, so there is no chance for you to feel lost or confused.

You are given the option to edit any workout, if needed, as well as take notes if there is anything you need to remember for the next time you see that specific exercise.

Additionally, you get to track weight lifted so that you can be intentional and smart about your workouts.

Probably the absolute best part about joining weekly moves workouts is the community and accountability that you gain. I have already made so many “online friends” through weekly moves and that, in my opinion, can’t just be found anywhere.

Every workout that Madeline presents is completely at home friendly. In fact, I was doing these workouts at the gym for the full first year and then, when Covid hit, I was forced to stay at home which really opened my eyes to even more reasons to love the workouts she creates.

I could continue going on, but I want to wrap this post up with what I find the most valuable lesson I have learned since following Madeline’s program…

I used to work out to get skinny. I did excessive cardio (THAT I HATED) and limited the time I spent lifting weights because I really didn’t believe it would change my body composition how I wanted. Not to mention, I had no idea what I was doing.

Through the last couple of years following Madeline, I have learned an immense amount about the value of weightlifting > cardio and extremely valuable information on the “build vs burn” method.

When you build muscle, you become a calorically expensive machine.

Meaning, you can and get to EAT MORE FOOD and view food as fuel. There is no more punishing yourself with cardio and starving yourself. For example, you have an enjoyable night with family and friends where you choose to indulge in tons of treats? Excellent! Now you have that much more FUEL for tomorrows weightlifting session.

The mindset behind lifting weights is 100% more satisfying than trying to be a the “thin” ideal of a body that the world projects on us.

With weightlifting you get to focus on getting stronger. Which, from my own experience, Madeline’s experience, and so many other women who have taken the leap of faith, will lead to the compositional changes you’d like to see much quicker.

It will come in a more sustainable way than performing cardio for hours on end trying to burn as many calories as you can in one sitting.

And even more importantly than compositional changes, you will see just how capable your body really is to take on challenges that are hard.

You will complete workouts you didn’t think you could.

You will learn valuable lessons that will carry you through different circumstances in life that have nothing to do with fitness. 

You will grow in ways that are far more superior than physical changes.

Let’s just say, if you have been on the fence, get off of it and start now. I can promise you that Madeline’s program is worth every penny.

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