Why I Chose Madeline Moves (part 2)

I chose Madeline Moves for more than just the workouts. I love the workouts (refer to part 1 to learn about why), but I also chose to make her program a part of my life because of the outlook on nutrition that she holds.

The impact she has made on the nutritional side of my health journey is crucial and drastic, so I want to share it with you.

When I first began Madeline’s program, I was not in a good head space when it came to food.

I viewed food as good and bad, too healthy or too unhealthy, etc.

Food was not fuel to me; it was an obsession.

From day one, I have learned from Madeline that food is entirely necessary for #1 your overall health and #2 fuel for your workouts.

Madeline teaches on the method of tracking macros as well as “building your plate”, which surprisingly to some, go hand in hand.

When I first saw that Madeline uses the principles of tracking macros, I instantly thought “I can’t do that… it will just create another obsession in my life.”

I put it off and kept putting it off. I was not going to be “on a diet”… At least that was what the uneducated version of myself thought tracking macros was all about.

But as I watched her talk about her nutrition, there was something that stuck out to me… It wasn’t rigid and it wasn’t obsessive. Nothing was off limits and everything was welcomed especially when it involved family and friends and gatherings that incorporated all kinds of foods.

So, what is it that Madeline teaches and what really are “macros”?

Macros are just the simple name of the categories of food we eat each and every day. Whether or not you track them, you still eat them! They include carbs, proteins, and fats.

To be our healthiest, our body needs an adequate amount of each macro. (The amount will vary person to person depending on your current health, desired health, and goals)

That is where tracking comes in. Tracking macros is essentially just a way to ensure you are getting ENOUGH food, and simultaneously helps you understand when enough is enough.

For me, before I began tracking macros, I had no understanding of how much of each my body needed. Looking back now, I was not properly planning out my meals to feel my best and fuel my body how it needed.

Quite frankly, I was depriving my body in so many ways. I just didn’t know…

After much education from Madeline and other professionals who have played a vital role in my journey of healing my relationship with food, I now use the principles of tracking macros (loosely) to ensure my body gets enough of each of these essential nutrients. Additionally, it has taken the guessing away which for me, led to obsession.

However, I will be the first to say that macro tracking is not for everyone.

For some, it can be too rigid and cause more obsession. You have to be able to understand where you are personally in your relationship with food and what will help you get to a healthy place mentally.

If tracking and seeing those numbers will cause you to stumble, or you simply don’t have time or any desire to track your meals, that is where you can practice what Madeline teaches as the “build your plate” method. This is what she practices herself most often.

The purpose of this method “build your plate” is to portion out your meals in a way that never leaves a macro out and ensures an adequate amount of each macro for optimal health and recovery.

This method is never meant to be exact, but instead, it allows you to learn by the look of your plate and the feel of your body, how much you need of each macro at each meal.

The only reason I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to the nutritional component of Madeline’s program is because I know how much of a struggle it can be as a woman to understand the importance of food and that food is not the enemy.

If this has never been a struggle for you, I am so thankful. But if you are someone like I was, who may feel alone in your obsession, exhausted by it, and looking to find food freedom, I hope that this resonates with you in one way or another.

These methods are not for everyone. But I am thankful that I have found something that works for me.

I am so thankful that Madeline teaches food freedom and food as fuel because that has changed the game for me.

I have learned more from Madeline’s program in the last two years than I can begin to put into words, and I am pleased to be able to share a small part of my journey with you.

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