You Should Reconsider Permanent Hair Color

This blog is for you, but it is also for me as a stylist, to explain why I personally hardly ever use permanent hair color in the salon and why you might want to reconsider asking (or insisting) for permanent hair color.

I have been around the block enough myself and with clients to know how often we ladies like to change up our hair.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, but because of the fragility of our hair, it is important to consider where you land when it comes to either sticking to one color forever or changing it up regularly.

Let me explain the difference between permanent color and semi or demi permanent hair color:

Permanent color has a much higher level of chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide that allow the color to actually penetrate the hair strand by opening up the outer cuticle of the shaft and actually changing the color of the hair.

Semi or Demi permanent color on the other hand, don’t penetrate the hair strand. Rather, they gloss the hair with color and leave you with yes, color that won’t last quite as long, but more shine and more flexibility to change with less damage down the road.

A lot of clients sit in the chair and they are so ready for a change that they automatically assume that permanent hair color is exactly what they need.

But then they often want another huge change after a while and realize that now they are having to go through a multiple step process to get their hair the color they want it. As a result, they see much more damage.

The only times I choose to use permanent hair color are A) if I am working with grey hair (as semi-permanent does not fully cover grey, only blends it) or B) when I have an older woman who has been using the same color her whole life and has no intention of changing that.

So, before you want a permanent change, remember the risks you are taking.

I highly recommend you commit to semi-permanent color so that you are free to change it up whenever you want with minimal damage!

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